‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Confirms It’s OVER With Kody

Rumors have been swirling for a pretty long time that Janelle and Kody Brown were no longer together. The current season of Sister Wives has only served to add fire to these rumors. Kody Brown has openly admitted that he hasn’t felt like he was married to Janelle in a pretty long time stating they don’t act like a married couple.

Pushing the issue, Janelle Brown asked her husband Kody if the roles were reversed would he protect her the same way he protects Robyn? Kody leaned in close to Janelle as an evil smirk painted across his face. He, however, shut it down completely. Indicating, no, he would never protect Janelle.

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Sadly, Sister Wives fans are in agreement that Janelle is in a loveless marriage just the same as Christine was. Fans believe Kody Brown was just intimate with Janelle out of obligation and to have his massive clan of children. But, he doesn’t seem to have any love in his heart for anyone but Robyn.

In addition to Janelle, Kody Brown has also admitted on the show that he would be completely fine with Meri leaving him for another man. He all but gave the impression he would help her pack her bags and drive her to the new guy’s house. Fans assume the difference between Meri and Christine is that Kody is the one who made the decision to be done with Meri. Christine, on the other hand, is the one who left him. And, that was a blow to his ego.

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Gwendlyn hinted that Janelle left Kody

Now, as TvShowsAce reported, Gwendlyn Brown and her friend went live on social media and slipped up spilling too much information. For those paying attention, both girls seemingly confirmed Janelle was no longer married to Kody. It, however, was leaked on Reddit later that Gwendlyn has since said on Patreon that Janelle and Kody are still very much together.

New information has surfaced recently though. And, the new information is claiming Janelle Brown has left her husband Kody. Where did this information come from?

Gwendlyn Brown - Kody Brown Youtube
Gwendlyn Brown – Kody Brown Youtube

Inside source says Janelle and Kody Brown are over

Speaking exclusively to InTouch Weekly, someone close to the family claims that Janelle and Kody Brown are officially over. The individual explained that Janelle Brown has outgrown her husband Kody and she’s finally chosen herself. The inside source explained Janelle is a strong and independent woman. And, she’s finally realized she doesn’t need Kody to get by.

As fans know, it was Janelle Brown who told Christine not to leave Kody until she was sure she could support herself financially. Fans are assuming Janelle likely took her own advice and that’s why she’s been hustling so much on social media as of late.

Janelle Brown and Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

Do you think this inside source is telling the truth? Are Janelle and Kody over? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for all things Sister Wives.