Sister Wives: Critics Suspect That Meri Hired FAKE Guests To Promote Her Retreat!

Sister Wives fans would be aware that Meri Brown has always stayed aloof from the Browns. Apparently, the star no longer has any close-knit family bond. After her catfishing incident, Kody mentally abandoned her. But it seems that her B&B is the one who came to her rescue. Fans know that Meri has inherited the Heritage Inn from her mother and looks after it in Utah. But, it seems like Meri has been lately receiving backlashes because of her pricey items. In fact, some critics suspect that she actually hired her own friends to act as guests. We have all the information you might wish to know, so keep on reading.

Sister Wives: Did Meri Actually Invite Fake Guests?

The Sister Wives fans know that lately, Meri’s involvement in the Brown family affairs has decreased. The TLC star has been focusing on her career instead. Fans know that the lone wolf often comes out with new packages of her Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. Apparently, the celeb inherited it after her mother’s death. The Utah-based B&B is one of the town’s most popular and loved restaurants. However, it seems that though fans love the place, the pricey packages act as a major turn-off for visitors.

Recently, Meri took to Instagram and shared news about her second retreat plans and packages. Apparently, she shared a picture of a table loaded with loads of food and beverages and suggested that visitors would get this. As per the procedure, fans had to fill out an application, and then they were hand-picked for the pricey experience. The package had a four-day, three-night trip in Parowan, Utah, with lots of games, activities, goodies, and a bonfire. But it seems that the Sister Wives star didn’t get many enrollments and perhaps ended up calling her friends to be unpaid guests in her retreat.


As per critics, Meri ‘begged’ her friends to sign up for the retreat. A user continued the thread, saying it was all fake and the star had to cover up because she couldn’t get original visitors. Another one added that the retreat didn’t have paid guests. So it instead had Meri’s LulaRoes colleagues

and her close ones who didn’t pay for it. However, the TLC star made it clear and announced on Instagram that her first-ever retreat plan was a huge success ever. Not only this, but she is also planning to host another one in upcoming February as well.


Sister Wives: Fans Felt Food Wasn’t Worth As Per The Price Taken For The Retreat

The Sister Wives fans know that Meri Brown’s B&B has become the talk of the town lately. Apparently, her overly-priced packages of retreat are creating headlines these days. But you might be thinking that what exactly she offers back for charging high. Apparently, as per the prices, the cost ranged from $4,500, which is for standard packages. The menu had a VIP package as well, which cost around $6,400. Evidently, they offered many activities, three meals, firepit, and the highlight was personal time with Meri herself.

But it seems that fans are not satisfied with the quality and quantity that she is providing at this price. Meri recently posted a picture of food offered to guests at the inn. It had fruits, cheese, meat, veggies, ice cream, etc. Fans took to the comment section to express their discontent regarding the quality. A fan commented that at this price, they should at least provide ice cream of good quality. Another one added that for this price, the star could have afforded better than tin foil serving pans. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers

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