Mike And Natalie Divorce: Is There Relationship Over?

Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Mike and Natalie File For Divorce?

Mike and Natalie’s split in early 2021 was first revealed by In Touch. As of the month of October 2022, In Touch has verified that neither Mike nor Natalie has initiated divorce proceedings. They have apparently failed to file any necessary papers in either Washington or her new state of residence, Florida.

There is no divorce proceeding, according to a clerk at the Clallam County Courthouse, who confirmed this information to In Touch.

Why Did Mike and Natalie Break Up?

TLC has covered almost all of the former couple’s trips. Viewers of 90 Day Fiancé season 7 saw Mike and Natalie fight before she came to the United States, and viewers of season 8 saw Mike call off the wedding the morning of, only to accept to wed days later.

The viewers of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? saw the beginning of the end of their marriage by the time they returned for season 6. The native Ukrainian had an unsettling encounter with Trish on the morning she and Mike were to fly back to their Washington, DC, home.

Natalie arrived at the gate ahead of Mike and Trish, bypassing her mother-in-law without so much as a goodbye. The tension between Mike and Natalie has been building ever since. Mike and Natalie’s combined confessional interview in July 2021 episode ended in a major breakout argument.

Mike was upset by Natalie’s mention of his mom’s claimed “hooker” comment and requested that she call his mom to set the record straight. While on speakerphone, Trish denied using the term “hooker” to describe Natalie. After Natalie asked Trish how she really felt about her as a daughter-in-law, Trish said she was furious with her because of the way Natalie treated her son.

Mike’s bombshell came after Trish had hung up, when he said that he and Natalie had gotten into a terrible disagreement on Christmas Eve, 2020, and that she had then gone to visit with her friend Julia in Seattle.

The resident of Sequim, Washington went on to say that after Natalie moved out, she gave all of the gifts he had purchased her to a mutual acquaintance. I asked Natalie, “Who did I marry?” Mike remarked, “I’m being nice and supportive towards you, you [are] disrespectful, don’t care, rather hang out with your pals all night.”


This was after he revealed that Natalie had only spent one night with him since Christmas. Natalie said she and Mike “argue a lot,” and that despite Trish’s denials, she still believes she was called “names” while hiding out in her friend’s room for three weeks. Mike left the scene in a huff when their fight escalated further.

Are Mike and Natalie Dating Other People?

In subsequent seasons of the discovery+ offshoot 90 Day: The Single Life, Natalie documented her return to the dating world. She went on numerous dates before meeting potential long-term suitor, Josh Weinstein, CEO of a modeling firm.

There have been speculations that Mike is dating Marcia “Brazil” Alves, who starred in the Rock of Love Bus. The VH1 alum posted images of herself and Mike on their September 2021 trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, on Instagram. After nearly a year, Marcia posted new pictures of herself and the 90-Day Fiancé cast in Las Vegas.

In August of 2022, she posted, “Such a fantastic weekend!” accompanied with photographs from their busy weekend in Vegas, adding the hashtags #GreatWeekend and #MissYouAlready. Sad it’s over, but I’ll see you soon!

Why Do Fans Think Mike and Natalie Are Getting Back Together?

Promos for episodes of Season 3 of The Single Life have hinted that Natalie will see her ex-husband again. In her journal, Natalie wrote, “I hope I can decide with whom I want to spend the rest of my life.” Next, she brings flowers to Mike’s property in Sequim, Washington, which In Touch has confirmed is for sale as of June 2022.


When Mike came out to meet her, he and his ex shared a warm embrace. Though Mike and Natalie haven’t gotten back together just yet, rumors of reconciliation began spreading in May 2022 after the Ukrainian native posted a selfie to Instagram Stories purportedly taken with the dog she and Mike had adopted while they were dating.

In August, the alum of The Single Life sparked even more speculation by posting a throwback photo of their first online chat to Instagram. “Today seven years ago, I had answered his guy: ‘Thank you for your good wishes to my nation!’” she wrote next to a photo of the two of them when they were young and in love. And from that day on, everything was different… “

Questions about the condition of the ex-TLC couple’s relationship flooded the comment sections. A Natalie fan who saw the old photo of her and Mike wondered, “Are you back together?” “[Maybe] we never parted… [woman shrugging emoji],” was her response.

Nearly a year after she left their married home in Sequim, Washington, Mike and Natalie reunited on season 3 of 90 Days: The Single Life, much to the delight of the show’s devoted viewers. Natalie tried to reconcile with her husband by moving back in with him and giving their marriage another try, but Mike showed no signs of wanting to do so.

In his self-revelation, he added, “She does have regrets, but I’m not going to put myself in a scenario where I give her my heart again and she simply rips it back out.” Mike shook his head “No” when asked by the producer if he would allow Natalie to come back.