‘Sister Wives’ Star Pokes Fun at Parents Christine and Kody’s Split

Sister Wives: “Leftover Fame!” Gwendlyn Makes Fun Of Kody’s Divorces

For the past few months, Christine and Kody’s divorce has garnered media attention as it has been chronicled on their television show Sister Wives. The former had actually announced her separation from the celebrity polygamist in November 2021. But, the episode in which she left Flagstaff didn’t run until November 2022. Things were never the same again after Christine made the decision to break up contact with the family. Together, Kody and Christine are the parents of six kids, including Gwendlyn. The star kid has recently announced her engagement with her girlfriend. She also got verified on her Instagram account. And she discovered an unanticipated silver lining in the aftermath of her parent’s divorce. Let’s read more to find out about it.

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Jokes About Her Parent’s Divorce

In a recent event, Gwendlyn made fun of her parents, Christine and Kody’s separation, as she got a blue tick on her Instagram account. The 21-year-old star posted an important social media accomplishment on her Instagram Story. She shared a screenshot of her Instagram profile and uploaded it. Moreover, she joked and captioned a snapshot with, “When your parents get divorced, and you receive their leftover fame”. She later added, “Verified b******s”. One year after Christine declared she would be divorcing Kody, in November 2021, the TLC star made light on the situation. However, Christine is Kody’s first wife to spiritually divorce him.

Sister Wives

Kody has divorced his other two wives since last winter. Sister Wives: One on One teaser had Janelle Brown breaking the news that she and Kody were no longer together. Another clip featured Meri Brown confirming Kody’s decision to end their marriage. The only woman to whom Kody is now lawfully wed is his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. They are still a couple. Season 17 of the reality series, which ended on recently, saw viewers follow the aftermath of the couple’s breakup. During the forthcoming Sister Wives: One-on-One special episode, Kody attacked his ex, who he spiritually married in 1994.

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Gets Engaged To Her Girlfriend

Gwendlyn declared her own engagement in December this year. She accepted her partner Beatriz Queiroz’s proposal. The Sister Wives personality revealed images of a picnic she had with Beatriz in the snow as well as sneaky pictures a bystander had shot through the brush of the proposal itself. Gwendlyn captioned pictures of herself and Beatriz Queiroz lying on a blanket in the snow with candles surrounding them, “I’m engaged! “. A mirror selfie of Gwen’s new ring, which has a huge rectangular-cut emerald and clusters of diamonds on either side, was also posted.

Eight months into their relationship, the pair revealed in August that they had moved in together. However, in the TLC series about her family, Gwendlyn has been open about her se.xuality. She discussed the kinds of individuals she is interested in on a Sister Wives episode that aired in October. Christine also discussed learning that her child was not straight in the show. The Brown family has had other LGBTQ members before Gwendlyn. Kody and Meri’s only child, Leon Brown, came out as transgender

and said will start to pronounce they/them soon. For all the latest Sister Wives updates, keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers.