Real Reason Kody Brown Went Berserk Over Christine Leaving?

Was there an underlying reason why Kody Brown flipped when Christine left? It seemed he just felt betrayed that he had lost a wife. More so, he did not want to go through a divorce. He actually claimed that he did not want to have a divorce on his record. However, was there more to the story than he actually let on during Season 17 of Sister Wives? Read on for more details.

Real Reason Kody Brown Went Berserk Over Christine Leaving?

Kody alleged that he was very filled with rage this season over losing a wife. No one in polygamy wants to admit that sort of defeat. However, there may have been more to the story about why he flipped when she left. In early 2021, Christine told Kody that she was exiting the marriage, the plural family, and leaving Flagstaff. More so, she was taking their youngest daughter, Truely, and moving to Utah. Then, she gathered the family to reveal that her home had been sold and she would be leaving in a week.

Christine Brown/YouTube

In Kody’s mind, since the family gave her the down payment for her Flagstaff home, she should give them the money from the sale. Therefore, they could pay off the Coyote Pass land. She refused and claimed that she made the monthly payments so it was hers. Additionally, she gave up her stake in CP. Even Janelle agreed, saying the money she was taking from the home was equal to the equity she had in CP. Now, more has been revealed about the property.

Janelle Brown/YouTube

According to The Celeb Talk Guy, Kody still owes around 300K on the CP land. Furthermore, he only has until next year to pay it off in full or it will be foreclosed on. This could be why he was even more fumed by Christine leaving as she refused to give up her home money. That would have essentially saved him from foreclosure. Yet, there was another reason why Kody did not want Christine to leave.

Show Me The Money

It was also speculated that Kody Brown did not want Christine to leave due to the show. He worried about what would happen to Sister Wives if he had no wives. There was a fear of losing his and Robyn’s main income. Now, he has bigger fish to fry. In the upcoming Season 17 tell-all, it is revealed that he and his second wife, Janelle have separated. To add to that, he and his first wife, Meri have also called it quits. Therefore, he is just left with Robyn. The series has been able to survive with Christine moving on but can it work with two more leaving?

Do you think Kody went a little more off-center because finances had him stressed out? Did he channel that anger through Christine? Let us know and watch Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.