‘Sister Wives’: Gwendlyn Brown Says Kody Has ’No Remorse’ for Choosing Robyn and Her Children Over the Rest of the Family

Sister Wives’ Christine Brown and Kody Brown’s daughter Gwendlyn Brown revealed how she feels about her father choosing his wife, Robyn Brown, and their five children. Gwendlyn believes her father, Kody, has “no remorse” about picking her and her five children over the rest of the family.

Gwendlyn says the family avoids the topic of Robyn being the favorite wife

Christine’s 21-year-old daughter, Gwendlyn, recently started spilling major tea about her family and the family drama on her Patreon account. In light of the news that not only did Christine divorce Kody, but he’s now separated from Janelle and divorced from Meri, leaving him with one wife, Robyn. After years of favoritism toward Robyn and neglect toward his other wives, one fan asked if anyone in the family has tried to confront Robyn and Kody on their behavior.

The fan asked, “Hello, May I ask has anyone besides your mom ever confronted Robyn and Kody about their behavior? Specifically, Kody favoring Robyn and her kids?”

Gwendlyn responded, “We do avoid the topic a lot but sometimes one of us will breakdown and ask him why he chose her over us. we’re not very confrontational here unfortunately.”

Another fan asked what Kody says in response to the kids breaking down about him choosing Robyn and her children. Gwendlyn said, “Usually denial.”

Gwendlyn thinks her father has ‘no remorse’ about choosing Robyn over the rest of the family

Another fan asked if anyone besides Christine had confronted Robyn and Kody about the favoritism. They asked, “Has he ever responded to anyone with genuine remorse?”

Christine’s daughter revealed that it didn’t feel like her father, Kody, had any remorse about his decision to choose Robyn and her children over the rest of the family. “Most of the kids have yes! One time he responded to one of them like ‘I prefer people who prefer me,’ so no remorse lol,” Gwendlyn wrote.

Gwendlyn thinks Kody prefers life with Robyn and their kids

Another commenter mentioned Gwendlyn’s sister, Ysabel Brown, whose relationship with her father fractured when he didn’t support her during her major back surgery. He decided it was too dangerous to travel during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and thought it would be better if he stayed back for him and Robyn’s “tender-aged” children.

The fan commiserated with Ysabel’s situation and asked, “He seemed to try and be a good dad earlier in the seasons, was that fake, or what changed?” Gwendlyn replied, “i don’t really know but i think he just started to realize he prefers his life with robyn and their kids.”

Kody is only married to Robyn and only has strong relationships with their five children, while his four ex-wives and their combined 12 children feel cast aside. It’s sad to find out just how divided the family has become.

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