Meri Brown Blows Kody Up, Exposes Dirty Little Secret

Meri Brown Blows Kody Up, Exposes Dirty Little Secret

Kody Brown of TLC’s Sister Wives has officially lost a third wife as Meri confirms in a sneak preview of part one of the three-part tell-all that her 32-year marriage was OVER. This bombshell was dropped on fans this morning when People Magazine released an exclusive preview of this week’s episode of Sister Wives. What exactly did Meri have to say about her marriage to Kody being over? Keep reading.

Meri Brown confirms it is OVER for her and Kody

During part one of the tell-all, Sukanya Krishnan sits with Meri Brown and watches a clip from this season of the series. During the clip, Kody Brown admits in a confessional that he no longer considers himself to be married to Meri Brown. Moreover, he would completely support her moving on with a new man. As those who watched the scene when it originally aired agree, it felt as though Kody was ready to help Meri back and move in with a new man.

When Sukanya Krishnan asks Meri want this means for her relationship with Kody, Meri responds by noting that everyone heard what he said. And, clearly, her marriage with Kody was over.


Turns out, Meri Brown was a bit shocked that Kody would openly admit that he was no longer married to Meri as it is something he has never wanted to make public before. Meri fesses up that they haven’t really been together for a while. And, she wanted to issue a statement and go public with their marriage being over. Kody, however, got defensive and admitted he didn’t want that information put out there. So, they kept it a secret.

Does she hope they can work things out?

Meri Brown also tells the tell-all host she is more than open to working things out and getting back with Kody. Unfortunately, it is becoming crystal clear that Kody doesn’t want anything to do with their marriage and reconciling doesn’t sound like something he would be interested in either.

Sister Wives meri Brown - Kody Brown
Sister Wives meri Brown – Kody Brown

This news follows shortly behind Janelle Brown confirming she is also separated from Kody.

Are you surprised Kody Brown went from having four wives to having one? Did you think Meri Brown would ever actually leave Kody? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.