Sister Wives: Meri’s CATFISH Reacts To Her Divorce From Kody Brown!

Meri Brown has been making a lot of headlines lately. That’s because the Sister Wives star also ended her marriage to Kody Brown. It seems like after Christine Brown left, all other wives, apart from Robyn, mustered up the courage to free themselves from the plural marriage too. Prior to this, Kody and Meri Brown had been having a lot of problems for several years and were never on good terms. At last, the star pulled the plug on their relationship and finally made it public. After these incidents, Meri’s catfish, with whom she almost cheated on Kody with, has shared their opinion on the split. Keep reading to know more about this.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown’s Catfish Confirms She Didn’t Leave Kody For Her!
Meri and Kody had hit a rough patch in their marriage in 2014-15. That’s when the former started talking to a man on the internet, Sam Cooper. For her, he was a middle-aged businessman. The first wife almost considered leaving Kody Brown once their friendship grew into love. At last, the Sister Wives star was in shocking after finding out that the man she was talking to was a woman instead. Someone by the name of Jackie Overton had been catfishing her. Once the truth was out, this deteriorated Meri’s relationship with Kody even more. While they were still in a plural marriage, they stopped getting along. Years later, in 2022, Meri Brown confirmed her split from the polygamist during the Tell All.

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That’s when viewers began assuming that Meri must have gone back to her catfish. However, that is not the case. Jackie still runs a Twitter account by the name of her fake persona, Sam. So, she made a tweet regarding Meri’s split. That’s when she said that they were in “love” and were “happy together”. They laughed until they “didn’t”. Moreover, Jackie wanted Meri to find a “new guy” and be happy and wanted the Sister Wives viewers to leave her alone. She also wanted the tabloids to stop contacting her. Since then, neither Kody nor Meri has shed light on this matter. So, fans must wait for Tell All to get a better picture of the scenario.

Sister Wives: Kody Ended His Marriage To Meri In Secret!
In the latest Sister Wives episode, Meri Brown had to go through a lot. It was quite devastating for her to go through her mother, Bonnie’s, passing. No one from the plural family was by her side. At last, Kody made the decision that it would be best for her to move to Utah to take care of his mother’s heritage inn. Hence, Meri had been doing so in the latest season. This created more distancing between the couple. However, something shocking happened in the Tell All promo. The first wife mentioned that even her marriage to Kody Brown has ended! In fact, the polygamist did so in private. Kody was, apparently, afraid of facing judgment from the audience.

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Despite Kody’s withdrawal, Meri mentioned that she was still open to reconciliation. However, fans are doubtful that will ever happen. That’s because the two Sister Wives stars haven’t gotten along in many, many years. While they were happy for the castmate, they have been urging Meri to move on through the comments section of her social media posts. However, Meri has not yet responded to this reaction. More about her and Kody’s failed marriage will come into the limelight with the premiere of the Tell All special this week.