Mykelti Padron Shouts Out Hubby On Special Milestone Day

Mykelti Padron and her husband, Tony have been through a lot this year. Their firstborn turned one and then they discovered they were expecting again. However, they were not just having one baby but rather twin boys. It has been a wild ride and now Mykelti is giving a special shout-out to her hubby to honor a milestone. What is she celebrating? Read on for more details.

Mykelti Padron Shouts Out Hubby On Special Milestone Day

It is a very special day for Mykelti and Tony Padron. The couple and parents of three are celebrating their six-year wedding anniversary. It is hard to believe that Sister Wives fans watched their courtship and, ultimately, their wedding. They were even privy to the home birth of the couple’s first child, daughter, Avalon. In a special Instagram tribute, Mykelti sent a message to her hubby on this very special occasion.

Mykelti, Tony/YouTube
“HAPPY 6 YEAR ANNIVERSARY BABE #iguessilikeyou We have 3 kids and 4 moves and 3 homes under our belt. A whole lot of good times and some hard times #surprisetwins But here we are still doing this whole marriage thing,” she wrote. Along with that, she shared pics of her and Tony with their twins. Additionally, she had him with Avalon and, of course, Avalon with her baby brothers. Ace and Archer made their grand appearance on November 17th and mama just gave an update on how they are progressing.


Now, six years later, the two have made their own little family, and the fans adore them. “So sweet!!! Such a beautiful family!! Happy Anniversary,” one person wrote. Another added: “Aw Happy Anniversary! I am rewatching the show and you just got engaged!” The couple first met in 2015 and had a whirlwind courtship. However, it did not go over that well with Mykelti’s parents.

Meeting The Parents

Mykelti Padron’s parents were not so enthused when she brought Tony around at first. Kody and Christine Brown felt that their daughter was rushing things with Tony. They were also in the middle of planning another wedding for Kody and his second wife, Janelle’s daughter, Maddie. She was getting married in the summer of 2016 so a lot was going on in the Brown family. Despite all of that, Tony still persevered and asked for Mykelti’s hand in marriage.

The two soon got engaged and ended up tying the knot in December 2016. There was a lot of drama around the wedding as they wanted it to be big and unconventional with a mass amount of tacos. Yet, the bride was determined to get what she wanted, and eventually, Tony grew on everyone. Now, fans really like him, especially after seeing him by Mykelti’s side while giving birth to Avalon. This is just a sweet couple and everyone really wants to see them go the distance.
Can you believe that it has been six years already since they tied the knot? Let us know and watch Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.