Sister Wives: Meri’s Catfish Spills More Tea! Says Kody Brown Was “Abusive” To Meri!

The Sister Wives fanbase has seen a lot of shocking things have been happening with the family recently. It looks like Robyn Brown is the last person standing alongside Kody Brown. The latest Tell All premiere gave away that all of the polygamist’s wives, i.e., Janelle, Meri, and Christine, ended things with him. However, the most shocking revelation has been of Meri’s. That’s because the first wife would constantly look for ways to reconcile with Kody. Amidst all the chaos, her catfish from the past, i.e., Sam Cooper also shed some light on this matter. The person also made some shocking revelations about Kody’s abusive behavior! Keep reading to know more details.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown’s Catfish ‘Sam’ Says Kody Abused Her!

Meri Brown has been in the limelight since her revelation about her marriage with Kody coming to an end. They had a lot of differences yet stood by each other in their plural marriage. Things had soured between them when the first wife started an online relationship with a middle-aged businessman, Sam Cooper. However, when it was time for them to meet one another, the latter turned out to be a catfish. Hence, it was a woman by the name of Jackie Overton who was imitating to be Sam to woo Meri. As the latter had considered leaving her polygamist husband and her Sister Wives to be with the said person, she was heartbroken. This revelation also created permanent cracks between her and Kody.

Now, the catfish has been speaking up since Meri and Kody’s split. He refused to make the news public because of the fear of “judgment” from the audience. In one of her Twitter posts, still, by the name of her other persona, Sam, she made shocking revelations. She stated that she was no catfish, and Meri knew of her actual identity. In fact, the castmate lied about the catfish part to hide the “affair” aspect. Cooper put up “proof” on everything for 7 years. At first, the rest of the family “rallied” and soon turned against both of them.

Sister Wives

However, the most shocking part came in another Tweet. Jackie mentioned that Meri had opened up about her polygamist husband being “abusive” as he would “yell and scream” at his spouse. She even heard the man doing so over the phone with Meri. The Sister Wives fans didn’t have a hard time believing the post, as they had seen Kody behave this way multiple times on the show.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown & Meri End Their More Than 30 Years Of Marriage!

A lot of hidden family dynamics came into the limelight in the new Sister Wives Tell All episode. Viewers found out that Janelle and Meri also ended their marriages with Kody after Christine. While the audience had been seeing cracks in Kody and his second wife’s relationship, things with Meri were a complete shocker to them. The polygamist mentioned in his confessional that he wouldn’t face his first wife with an “argument” if she wishes to move on and find someone else. That’s when Meri publically stated that her marriage with Kody was over. While she was open to reconciliation, she didn’t think it would happen.

The host, Sukanya Krishnan, was interested in knowing why didn’t Kody and Meri go public about their split as Christine had in November 2021. So, the first sister wife stated that it was because the patriarch was afraid of “judgment”. Although he didn’t consider himself to be in a marital relationship with his very first wife. Meri also added to this by mentioning to the host that the man had “already made the decision” for both of them. Although she was “open to reconciliation,” she doubted if her husband was “interested” in following through with that. Do you think Kody and Meri will officially split after the Tell All? Tell us in the comments below. Meanwhile, keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers

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