Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Called Out For Fraud Due To Cryptic Instagram Post

Your vibe attracts your tribe. Hence this is true in the case of Kody Brown. Apparently, the patriarch is left with only one wife after Christine, Janelle, and Meri decide to part ways with him. Indeed the like-minded duo Kody and Robyn are together now with their five children. Not only this, but the past seasons of Sister Wives witnessed the favoritism and manipulation that the infamous couple posses. However, it seems that this time fans didn’t let the star get away with her disguised behavior and slammed her for being a fraud. We have all the information you might wish to know, so keep on reading.

Sister Wives: Is Robyn A Fraud? Fans Think So!
The Sister Wives fans know that since Robyn entered into the plural marriage, the Brown family dynamics have been deteriorating. Apparently, the show that was an advocate of polygamy became a show all about Robyn and Kody’s deceptiveness and manipulation. Hence, nothing can go unnoticed in the eyes of the fans, and they dont leave any chance to slam the stars for their wrongdoing. So this time, it was Robyn’s turn to reap what she had sown.

Apparently, Kody and Robyn both of them prefer to stay lowkey and maintain a safe distance from social media. Seemingly, the fourth wife of the patriarch didn’t post anything on social media since 2019. Fans feel that maybe the main reason why the duo doesn’t use social media is that they know that the world knows about their manipulation. So, in order to avoid backlashes, they took this step. Hence, Robyn’s last post stands as a pure example of deceptiveness and irony, as per Cheatsheet. The TLC star added a quote from Bible saying let everything you do, be done in love. Therefore, after watching three years of the deceptiveness of Robyn, fans slammed the star in the comment section.

An irritated user wrote saying that Robyn does nothing in love. Another one added that she came into the family not to experience plural marriage but for the dollars, she saw coming from the channel. The Sister Wives fan further added that all her tears, concern, and love are fake and the star is just a selfish human. At the same time, the third one added, saying that no one believes her lies. Hence, it is clear that Robyn Brown has finally started to match the hatred that Kody Brown got from the audience. Indeed, they are made for each other and deserve to stay together.

Sister Wives: Fans Feel Robyn Is Responsible For Kody’s Three Divorces
A lot of Sister Wives fans have been watching the show for years. Apparently, they know what the Brown family looked like before and after Robyn. Indeed, there was a drastic change since the day the fourth wife entered the dynamics. Kody’s disdain towards his first three wives increased day by day. Not only this but his favoritism and partiality towards Robyn led to three consecutive divorces in just two years. The viewers remember that Christine also slammed the patriarch for having a favorite wife

Sister Wives

Fans think the same. Apparently, a user commented saying that Robyn is successful in her plan of getting rid of other wives. While another one chimed in and added that the fourth wife is the show’s mastermind, and Kody is just her dog. The third one pointed out her manipulation expertise. Well, fans would remember how she portrayed that all the wives handed over Kody to her and told her that they didn’t want to live with him. While in reality, the other three wives were craving the presence of their husbands. Evidently, it’s Robyn’s way of portraying the truth with sugarcoated deceptiveness. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.