90 Day Fiance: Bilal Is Controlling Shaeeda’s Finances, Hiding Details From Her! Fans Furious

Fans have always been skeptical about Bilal Hazziez. Apparently, this 90 Day Fiance star has always been surrounded by several speculations and rumors. The celeb met Shaeeda Sween in Season 9 of the show and decided to walk down the aisle. They wanted to make their relationship work. Hence, they even signed a prenup in order to avoid any kind of post-marriage issues. But it seems that even after tieing his nuptial knot and sharing a bed, Bilal has a lot to hide! You’ll be shocked to hear that Bilal has full control over his finances and hides them from his wife. Weird, isn’t it? We have all the information you might wish to know, so keep on reading.

90 Day Fiance: Why Is Bilal Hiding His Finances From Shaeeda?
The 90 Day Fiance star couple Bilal and Shaeeda are indeed one of the most loved couples on the show. Apparently, fans like watching them. Hence, they are now a part of Happily Ever After. But it seems that their so-called Happily Ever After is far away right now. Lately, their storyline is just revolving around how Bilal is defying all their prenup terms one by one. Whereas, Shaeeda is doing her best to become independent in the States. But recently, the young lady introduced a new turn in her marriage.

In an exclusive clip by ET, Shaeeda goes out shopping with another 90 Day Fiance cast Yara Zaya. While the duo was chattering, the Trinidadian native revealed that her husband has total control over his finances and denied having a joint account as well. Zaya was shocked to hear about this weird not so normal trait of Bilal. Not only this, but Sween further reveals that her husband totally leaves her out of finances.


Yara was pissed off after hearing all the mess that Shaeeda was going through. Apparently, the TLC explained to her friend that hiding bank account details are not normal. She further exclaimed that even after sharing a bed, the couple should at least trust each other with their finances. Not only this, but Zaya also added that Shaeeda wouldn’t know even if her husband was buying air tickets for another woman. Apparently, if he is hiding his bank account, he can hide anything and everything because the young star won’t be able to cross-check anything!

90 Day Fiance: Shaeeda Will Take This Matter To Tell All
It seems that the meek Shaeeda, who used to trust her husband blindly, is now opening her eyes. Apparently, after having a brief conversation with Zaya, the Trinidadian native doubts where her relationship is going. Not only this, but with utmost determination, Sween has decided to take this matter to the upcoming Tell All of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. The celeb further confessed to the camera that she realizes the fact that she needs to stand up for herself now. Not only this, but fans are well aware of the fact that Shaeeda has given nine months ultimatum to her husband

regarding their baby issues.


In addition to that, Shaeeda is determined to become independent now. Apparently, the star used to run Yoga classes in her native land, but now she has to start everything from scratch. But it seems that Sween is on the right path, as she recently got her Green Card as well. Hence there is a possibility that because of such weird notions of Bilal, Sween feels an urgent need to become independent. However, fans love Shaeeda and hope that her life falls back on track. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest 90 Day Fiance tea.