90 Day Fiance: Rose Vega Dating A New Man? Shocking Relationship History Revealed!

Rose vega is a single mother who had her son Prince and appeared in the television series 90 Day Fiance. After seeing his online partner, Big Ed, Rose broke up with him after a few weeks and has since avoided reality television. Big Ed went on and found Liz Woods, but Rose met Greg and fell in love with the Australian man. But now it looks like Josh Seiter, who was recently involved with Karine Staehle and Yolanda Leak, might be trying to date Rose Vega. The Bachelorette star is giving hints that he might be trying to date Rose. Continue reading to know more about it.

90 Day Fiance: Josh Seiter Giving Blows To Dating Rumors With Rose Vega!
Rose Vega has recently been hinting about her breakup with Greg after dating him for less than a year. Josh from The Bachelorette, however, might become Rose’s next love interest. Now that she is seemingly single again, they might get together. On his Instagram Stories, Josh posted a snapshot of a video call he had with Rose. Rose, who starred in 90 Day Fiance, appeared thrilled when speaking to Seiter, who was all happy and grinning. He highlighted the screenshot with a heart and a smiley face. He told InTouch in an interview that he was “getting to know” Rose. Josh stated that he thinks the Filipino woman has a wonderful soul. He continued that he is interested to see where it goes.

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star Rose also had something to say regarding the news about her and Josh’s relationship. She commented on their alleged relationship in an Instagram post. The celeb expressed her amazement at the photo by writing, “What is this,” along with a few laughing and raising-hands emojis. Greg and Rose reportedly broke up a month ago. However, Josh recently also courted Paul Staehle’s ex-wife Karine on Instagram. He even promised to use his legal training to fight for her sons’ custody to prove to Rose that there are decent men out there. Josh had been seeing Karine for a month. Until things soured after Josh allegedly liked an Instagram post by his ex, Lizzie Kommes.

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Well, Josh’s outrageous claims turn off fans. He might be making things up to stay in the limelight. Fans believe it was very clear after Rose’s strange reply. That’s because it implied she has no idea what is going on. Given that Rose appears to be out of the running, it would be interesting to watch who Josh tries to date next.

90 Day Fiance: Josh Seiter Is Showing Interest In Rose & Getting To Know Her!
Former Bachelor Nation contestant Josh Seiter recently ended his relationship with Karine Staehle. Josh has revealed that he was now “getting to know” the 90 Day Fiance star Rose Vega. As per his statement, Seiter thinks Rose is a wonderful soul. So he was eager to see where the bond goes. But Rose is currently single. After a year of dating, she ended her relationship with Greg earlier this month. Regarding that, Josh stated that she has been treated horribly in the past and deserves much better. He was eager to convince her that there are decent men out there.

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In the seventh season Tell All of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, Rose was scheduled to confront her ex Big Ed and his fiance, Liz Woods. Additionally, Josh has only recently entered the dating world after calling it quits with another reality TV alum, Karine, earlier this month. After a disagreement over another one of Josh’s reality TV ex-girlfriends, the pair broke up after less than a month of dating. Things got bad when Josh liked an ex’s Instagram post. According to him, he saw the post and just hit the like button without any intention. Karine got furious, which led to a heated argument between the couple. How do you feel about Josh Seiter’s intentions? Tell us in the comments below. Until then, TV Season & Spoilers is here for you for all the latest 90 Day Fiance updates