Married At First Sight Spoilers: Miguel And Lindy Have Good News!

Married At First Sight spoilers tease that Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago were matched and married on the 15th season of MAFS.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Lindy And Miguel
Everything seemed to be going well with the couple until Miguel found out that Lindy had amassed a huge amount of student loans, and he let her know flat out, “I’m not a Sugar Daddy.” Then the red flags just continued. The couple was still in the middle of the eight-week process when Miguel insisted that Lindy take his last name. This was an absolutely dumb and insecure move on his part considering they were only married a mere few weeks at this point and he didn’t even know if she wanted to stay with him after Decision Day. Lindy was not happy about the whole taking his last name, she felt it was too early to talk about, and it was the only thing that belonged to her. In a later conversation, Lindy asks Miguel to put her on his insurance and he uses the whole taking his last name, to hostage her into a trade for getting the insurance. When Lindy flat out and says no, she is not taking his name, she wants to keep her identity, he tells her that he doesn’t like this version of her.

There was another incident where Lindy dressed up for a mock prom that the couples were participating in, she asked Miguel to take a photo of her and he flipped out and had a tantrum. On what was supposed to be an exciting day for her, because she never had a prom herself, he ruined with another one of his spiteful tantrums.

Many fans discussed the couple and noted how since being married to Miguel, Lindy looked like she had lost her shine and her bubbly side that was so endearing.

It is no surprise after the turbulent journey that this couple had, that MAFS fans did not believe they would make it far past Decision Day.

Married At First Sight Updates – The Present
Lindy and Miguel are intelligent, have many friends, many interests, and successful careers, both in the medical field. Miguel did take responsibility for his horrible behavior during the eight-week process, but who knows how anyone else would react with a camera constantly in their face?

Lindy and Miguel traveled a lot this summer and are indeed both still together. It’s nice to see that the two worked hard to stay together.

The sixteenth season of Married at First Sight will feature ten singles from Nashville, Tennessee, and will be aired on Lifetime, with a planned premiere of January 4th, 2023 at 8:00 pm ET.

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