Married At First Sight Spoilers: Pastor Cal Spills The Tea About Season 16

Married At First Sight spoilers tease that season 16 is well on its way with 10 new singles matched, here are the couples; Airris and Jasmine, Clint and Gina, Macknley and Domynique, Shaquille and Kirsten, Christopher and Nicole.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Pastor Calvin Robertson
Pastor Cal is a Marriage Counselor, pastor, and expert on Married At First Sight since season 4. Marriage is not for the faint of heart and as Pastor Cal tries to explain to the candidates who are accepted on MAFS, love is something you grow into. In a recent interview with Reality AF, Pastor Cal said that he believes in the process and that people apply for the show for the right reasons. The experts work with the casting team months before the candidates are chosen. With the team, they weed out people who have children, are looking for fame, or are just not ready for the process. Those who do make it past that stage have to fill out a lengthy questionnaire that includes background checks, psychological evaluations, social media checks, health checks, and more. Then they have narrowed down again and the experts do home visits and more background checks.

Married At First Sight Updates – Open And Honest
Dr. Pepper and Pastor Cal lecture the candidates on honesty and openness during the process. And they ask the same questions over again, in different ways – basically, they try everything they can to weed out people who are not a good fit for the process.

Chris Williams who was matched to Paige Banks in season 12, and Alyssa Ellman who was matched with Chris Collette, were brought up, how do people like that make it through the rigorous interview process? Pastor Cal says that sometimes, after all the effort the experts and their team take to weed out people like that, they do make it through. They look great on paper but once the cameras start rolling, it is like a Jekyll and Hyde situation. In fact, Pastor Cal personally interviewed Chris and Alyssa at great length and they gave all the perfect answers. They were totally surprised and appalled by both of their behaviors on the show.

Pastor Cal and Dr. Pepper are available to all the couples once they are married. In fact, he recalls many nights, into the wee hours of the morning, where he has counseled couples on MAFS.

Regarding season 16, Pastor Cal believes that they have some excellent matches and a diverse group hoping to find their forever person.

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