General Hospital Spoilers: Nik’s Emergency Memory Mission for Carolyn – Pushes Liz’s Mom to Bury Esme’s Trauma for Good

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Carolyn Webber (Denise Crosby) will hope to make progress with Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) during a trip to Port Charles. Although Carolyn will realize there’s a good possibility Liz will turn her away, she’ll still feel the need to plead her case.

At GH, Elizabeth will be taken aback by Carolyn’s sudden arrival. It’ll leave Liz wondering what Carolyn wants, but the answer will be simple.

Carolyn will just want an opportunity to explain her actions and seek some path to forgiveness.

Things were obviously tense when Elizabeth reunited with Carolyn in Monterey, but Carolyn will hope to take a step forward in their relationship now that Liz has cooled off.

Of course, Liz will remain hurt and angry over Carolyn using her psychological expertise against her.

Carolyn basically played mind games so that Elizabeth wouldn’t remember the trauma of the past, but that plan blew up in her face.

Liz felt abandoned since Carolyn and Jeff Webber (William Moses) stayed away out of fear they might jog her memory.

Now Liz finally remembers Reiko Finn’s (Mele Ihara) staircase tumble and how the blood transfusion that followed resulted in her ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ by Blackwood’s disease.

In other words, Carolyn’s mind manipulation was all for nothing since Liz still experienced total recall many years later.

In fact, it was worse because Liz struggled so much while trying to access those missing memories.

Once Carolyn apologizes and tries to help Elizabeth understand why she thought she was doing the right thing, Liz will have a lot to mull over.

In the meantime, Carolyn will pay a visit to Wyndemere, where Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) will seek her help.

GH fans will remember how intrigued Nik was when Liz brought up Carolyn’s memory manipulation.

That left Nikolas thinking there might be a way to ensure that Esme Prince (Avery Pohl) never remembers her own trauma either.

Nik will pressure Carolyn to use the same techniques on amnesiac Esme and bury her memories forever.

Carolyn will have questions about why she should and what Elizabeth has to do with any of this.

Although Nikolas won’t get into the details, he’ll admit Liz is in trouble and needs Carolyn’s help.

You can bet Carolyn will be hesitant considering what happened the last time she messed with someone’s memories.

Since it didn’t help Liz in the long run, Carolyn will surely worry that this could backfire, too.

At the same time, there’ll be something deep inside Carolyn that wants to protect Elizabeth – and she’ll presumably understand this is serious business since the shady Cassadines are involved.

Will Carolyn agree to make Esme’s memory loss last forever?

Even if Carolyn tries her luck with Esme, the process could still fail – just like it did with Liz in the end.

Nevertheless, Nikolas will be determined to solve his Esme problem and will make some updates to his strategy through Carolyn.

General Hospital spoilers say Carolyn will get some huge news from Nikolas and consider whether she’ll help him, so stay tuned during the week of January 23-27.

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