Sister Wives: Mykelti Reveals Secrets About Her Family’s Past! They Grew Up Poor & Survived Eating ‘3-Day-Old Bread’

The popular reality series, Sister Sisters debuted on the screens back in 2010. Due to its new concept, fans instantly loved it, and the show gained a huge fan base. Over the years, a lot has changed. There were many ups and downs in the show’s recent seasons, where three wives left the plural marriage with Kody Brown. However, fans often wonder how the family actually was before they started doing the show. What were the dynamics prior to becoming famous and having stardom? None of the family members ever talk about the days when they were ‘dirt poor’, but Mykelti recently revealed some shocking memories. We have all the information you might wish to know, so keep on reading.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Reveals About The Days When The Browns Were Poor

The Sister Wives fans think that the Browns have suffered a lot as they had a very chaotic life and marriages. But it seems that they don’t know that the stars have faced even worst conditions than this in the past. Their life prior to the show was completely different than they have now. Recently, Myketli and her husband Tony decided to spill the tea and talk about the past that the Browns usually cover.

The star couple now has a Patreon account from which they often connect with their fans and talk about the show. On January 18, Mykleti and Tony went live via Crowdcast, where they were reviewing the events of Season 17 of their family show. There was a discussion where they discussed how the older star kids don’t have a good connection with the younger ones. Hence, Tony chimed in and noted that their life experiences were really different from what Mykelti and her siblings had. He reveals that Mykelti has told her some shocking stories from her past.


Mykelti revealed that when they used to live in Wyoming before signing the show with TLC, they were struggling with poverty. The Sister Wives star explained how at times, they didn’t even have enough money to buy new groceries. So, they had to feed on three-day-old loaves of bread. They got it from a bakery nearby which used to discard the day’s olds! Browns used to get those discards because they could not afford to buy fresh bread or food. Another staple food of the Browns used to be MREs. They were the meals supplied by the U.S. military. The family used to get cheap rates for it. So they used to stock them up. Clearly, TLC and the show completely changed their lives.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Feels Kody Was A Better Father When She Was Young

Mykelti Brown reveals that all the Brown kids born before signing Sister Wives with TLC have had completely different life. The kids who came after the show cannot even imagine the days from which their families came. Hence, the relationship and the experiences that Mykelti and her siblings have with Kody and his wives are different. These younger ones are living lavish lives where they get everything per their wishes. But Myketli couldn’t even imagine her parents buying fresh groceries.

Sister Wives

Mykelti also accepted that Kody was a better father when she was young. But as the family grew, the number of wives and children increased. It became very difficult for him as well to connect with each and every one. Fans couldn’t believe the star kid’s words and wondered how the Browns might have dealt with the situation. Maybe that is why even after leaving Kody, ex-wives are not leaving the show. Evidently, TLC has changed their lives and has given them a lot. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.

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