90 Day Fiance: Ed And Liz Finally Reveal Their Relationship Status & It’s Sad News!

Big Ed and Liz became popular names in the reality TV realm after their appearance on 90 Day Fiance. Together, they starred in The Single Life first. The spin-off captured their turbulent relationship. In fact, the viewers also found it toxic. However, to everyone’s surprise, they got engaged by Season 2. So, TLC ended up promoting them to Happily Ever After Season 7. While Liz and Ed were engaged, their relationship didn’t improve. Instead, things got even worse. Big Ed was way out of line in the Tell All episodes too, and didn’t hold back at insulting Liz and the rest of the castmates. The fans were convinced it was the end of their relationship. However, a new post on their Instagram sh0cked everyone! Keep reading to know what it was about.

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed & Liz Give A Relationship Update! Still In A Toxic Relationship
As mentioned above, Big Ed and Liz had more lows than highs in their 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After debut. The viewers got to see the red flags first when the former doubted his partner for being a “lesbian.” It happened after one of Liz’s friends confronted her at their engagement party, and chaos arose. Well, it was an alarming episode as a very drunk Liz started roaming around the streets, avoiding Ed after he embarrassed her. Soon, their problems continued to increase, and even the 57-year-old’s family refused to accept his fiancee, and he postponed their wedding.


Things were equally tense during the Tell All episodes. It happened with the rest of the castmates. Not only was Big Ed disrespectful to Liz but also the rest of the castmates. So, the audience, as well as the stars, thought it would be better for the young mother to leave her beau. However, a new post on their social media has proved otherwise. It turns out that Big Ed and Liz Woods are still together. Both of them shared a photo smiling for the camera from a hotel room. The San Diego man captioned the post saying he was enjoying some “R&R.” The 90 Day Fiance fanbase took to the comments section to call their relationship an absolute “trainwreck.” They don’t see it ending well for the couple in the future. Hence, this doesn’t come as good news for fans.

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed Cheats On Liz & Even Takes Back Her Engagement Ring!
Big Ed was the most problematic castmate on the latest Tell All. All the 90 Day Fiance castmates, including his partner, Liz, were fed up with him. He took digs at everyone’s relationship and was insanely mean. Things were so bad that Jenny also told him to be “quiet” aggressively. Moreover, Andrei also came up with a nickname for him and started to call him “Small Ed,” which made everyone roar with laughter. But things took a sh0cking turn when the notorious castmate’s ex, Rose Vega, also appeared in the Tell All via a video call. She did so to out him for flirting with her through Instagram DMs.

90 Day Fiance

While the castmates and the castmates were upset at this reveal, they wanted Big Ed to apologize to Liz. The latter also kept saying she was tired of “all the lies.” Apparently, the viral star was first denied being in touch with Rose. He even disrespected Liz even more by asking back for the engagement ring he gave her. So, the viewers and the fanbase were convinced that the couple would no longer be together after filming ended. But as mentioned above, the duo ended up proving them wrong by flaunting their relationship once again and confirming they were still together. Do you want to see more of Big Ed and Liz in the upcoming seasons? Tell us in the comments below! Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for all latest updates.