Sister Wives: Kody & Robyn Finally Parting Ways In Season 18! Are You Ready For The Drama?!

Kody Brown had a very turbulent time in the last season. The Sister Wives star had to deal with his and Christine Brown’s relationship coming to an end. The third wife finally called the shots and moved to Utah. Later on, the Tell All special also revealed that Meri and Janelle also walked on the same path as Christine and pulled the plug on their relationship with the polygamist. Hence, his favorite wife, Robyn, was the only one by his side. However, a buzz hints that they might be splitting too! How did such a situation come into being? Keep reading to know all the details about this.

Sister Wives: Kody & Robyn Also End Things? New Season To Feature Their Separation?
Sister Wives became a popular franchise after its premiere on TLC almost ten years ago. There have been 17 seasons of the show so far, and things are very different now. After the latest episodes and the Tell All air, viewers found out sh0cking details. Soon after, Christine Brown announced her decision to leave her plural marriage, and Meri and Janelle followed. They also ended things with the polygamist husband and went their separate ones. However, his fourth and allegedly favorite wife, Robyn, stood by him. Well, the fans thought it was fair as he was pretty biased toward her

, and the rest of the spouses suffered a lot because of it.

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However, a source from a noted podcast for TLC shows, i.e., Tender Loving Care…? has provided crucial information about the Brown family. It turns out that there has been trouble in paradise for Kody and Robyn too. As per the anonymous person, the last couple standing went overseas to look for another wife to add to their polygamist family. However, things took a turn for the worst. Therefore, Kody and his fourth wife allegedly had issues with their bond too. But there is no proper confirmation of this rumor. Last year, the buzz about Kody Brown trying to find a fifth wife also came into being. But the new season followed no such thing. So, only the upcoming episode will be shedding light on this.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Lost Faith In Plural Marriage!
Sister Wives Season 17 had fans witness Kody Brown trying his best to let Christine be a part of the plural marriage. He even suggested looking for another man while still being a part of the family. But, she had made up her mind about parting ways. The star also moved out from Flagstaff to Utah with her 11-year-old daughter, Truely. In one of the seasons, the head of the family mentioned that he just doesn’t view polygamy as a “sustainable way of life.” So, the viewers could see that having multiple wives took a toll on him. Like the rest of the wives, Kody also had difficulty keeping up.

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As mentioned above, mistreating his wives had consequences. So, Kody Brown ended up with just Robyn by the time the Tell All episodes premiered on TLC. The viewers had already seen in multiple segments that Kody and Robyn would always act as one team. This created a lot of issues between them and the rest of the wives. For instance, Kody took shelter in Robyn’s house during the lockdown. During that time, he instructed the entire family to maintain distance from one another and caused one of the biggest fights between all the members. However, only the upcoming season will reveal if Robyn also leaves Kody or not. Until then, keep up with TV Season & Spoilers with all the latest Sister Wives updates.