General Hospital: A Familiar Face Returns, REPLACES Marcus Coloma

A lot of upheavals have been happening on the screen on General Hospital. Similarly, a lot of them are taking place behind the cameras too! We recently reported that actor Marcus Coloma had exited the role of the iconic Nikolas Cassadine. Additionally, we also followed up with the update that due to COVID-related health issues, Marcus and the General Hospital team had come to an understanding that it was best for him not to film for his remaining scenes. We saw Marcus walk the ground of Port Charles for the last time (at least for now) on January 26, 2023.

The latest General Hospital spoilers suggest that we will soon be seeing a familiar face appear on screen as Nikolas Cassadine. Actor Ad am Huss

will now be filling in for Marcus to film the remaining scenes and taking Nik’s character to a logical exit from the famous CBS soap. We can’t expect the handsome Adam to take over Nik’s role from January 31, 2023. However, this is not the first time Adam will be portraying the Cassadine heir. Previously, he filled in for Marcus back in September 2021, then again in November 2022 for a few episodes.

General Hospital

Interestingly, when the news first broke out that Marcus Coloma would not be portraying Nik anymore, longtime General Hospital fans started hoping that the makers might bring back the OG Dark Prince as Nik, i.e., Tyler Christopher. Moreover, even Tyler had shown plausible interest in reclaiming his role as Victor Cassadine’s nephew on the soap. “I’m available if Marcus Coloma needs a day off… just saying,” he posted on his Instagram story. However, that didn’t happen, and the role went to on and off Nik, Adam Huss. But we aren’t complaining! Adam has done a job playing the man of Spoon Island.

What’s Coming Up For Nik On General Hospital
While there is no news about how exactly Nik’s character will exit General Hospital, we know he is struggling with the whole Esme issue. The Soap Opera Digest preview revealed that Nik would be bringing Carolynn to town. He is hoping to make Esme’s amnesia permanent and is depending on Carolynn’s help. However, once she realizes that Esme is pregnant, she steps back. Actress Denise Crosby stated that Carolynn wouldn’t do anything that could ruin someone’s life, just the way she ended up wrecking her daughter’s life.

Things will keep getting darker for the Dark Prince on General Hospital. He will feel as if all the walls are closing in on him. In a desperate attempt to take things under his control, he will reveal to Esme that he is the father of her baby and not Spencer. But will that make any difference? Can Nik get out of the mess he has created? Stay tuned to ABC on weekdays to find out what happens to Nik on General Hospital