General Hospital: BIG BREAKUP! Liesl And Scott Break Up

General Hospital is not coming slow at all. Upheaval after upheaval has consumed the town of Port Charles and its citizens. Bodies have been falling one after the other like flies, and the water behind Wyndemere has turned the deepest shade of red. So, if you thought that’s as bad as it had to get, well, think again! The latest General Hospital spoilers tease a new heartbreak that no one saw coming. It’s none other than Liesl and Scott! Keep reading to find out what’s about to go down next!

Liesl And Scott Call It Quits

We know that Liesl Obrecht has gone through a mother’s worst nightmare in General Hospital. Her heart shattered into a thousand pieces when her daughter, Britt, passed away in her arms. It was so devastating to watch; we can’t even imagine the pain that Liesl must be feeling in every fiber of her body. This wasn’t the first loss that she had to bear on the ABC soap. She was devastated when her son, Nathan West, passed away. But back then, she still had Britt and somehow managed o come to terms with Nathan’s loss. However, losing both her children has to hurt like nothing else.

General Hospital

Thus, we can safely assume that she is at her wit’s ends on General Hospital. Even the slightest of push can send her spiraling downwards. The latest General Hospital spoilers tease one such push for her. Liesl and Scott will have a disagreement over Liz. Scott will speak in her defense which will rub Liesl the wrong way. Not wanting to deal with the drama, Liesl may take the sh0cking decision of walking away from Scott. There are also some spoilers that indicate a heart-to-heart talk between Liesl and Victor. Can a breakup with Scott push Liesl toward Victor Cassadine, of all people?

A New Power-Couple Rises On General Hospital

Victor Cassadine is a man as wretched and evil as one can be on General Hospital. Thanks to his malicious agendas, he is always at loggerheads with his family. Especially his son, Valentin Cassadine. Victor has even gone to the unbelievable lengths of kidnapping Valentin to serve his own means. That said, it still doesn’t mean Victor has no feelings. He is heartbroken by the news that his son is ᴅᴇᴀᴅ. Valentin is faking his ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ to be off his father’s radar. But Victor doesn’t know that; he believes that Valentin is ᴅᴇᴀᴅ and is mourning him. A General Hospital spoiler teases that in the coming week Victor and Liesl will have a heart-to-heart chat.

Considering that they both are grieving the loss of their children, they might connect on a profound and emotional level on General Hospital. Moreover, if Liesl breaks up with Scott, then it’s plausible that she may seek some comfort in Victor. Which, of course, he will be more than happy to lend. After all, no one has forgotten the obsession he harbored for Liesl. If old feelings start to resurface, we might soon get a new power couple on General Hospital. Victor definitely needs someone by his side when he kick-starts the massive plan he has been working on. Will Liesl turn a few shades darker and join forces with Victor? Stay tuned to the upcoming episodes to find out!