Sister Wives Spoilers: Why Leon Brown Is Distant From The Family

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Gwen Brown wanted to give an update on Leon Brown. Leon is the child of Meri and Kody Brown. Fans have been curious why Leon really doesn’t hang out with their siblings very often. Gwen decided to weigh in on this topic. She shared a recap of some moments with Leon and talked to fans about what they have been up to lately.

Gwen’s Update
Leon came out as ᴛʀᴀɴsɢᴇɴᴅᴇʀ in 2022 and has been living a life with their partner. They do not have the strongest relationship with the Brown family and Gwen wanted to expand on that. She said, “Leon has been, since childhood, kind of the odd one out in the family because they had no siblings from their mom to get along with.

They just probably felt like the odd one out. And also Leon is ᴛʀᴀɴsɢᴇɴᴅᴇʀ and ǫᴜᴇᴇʀ in general and is in a family that predominately practices a Mormon fundamentalist faith. Mormonism hasn’t really traditionally been kind to ǫᴜᴇᴇʀ people, especially with a family that’s quite a bit conservative and partially against ᴛʀᴀɴssᴇxᴜᴀʟɪᴛʏ in general.”

Gwen went on to say, “It’s not that they’re not fitting in, it’s that they have chosen to go to people who they can trust. They’ve found a safer community for themselves.” Leon did appear on the show with their family and their transition was never spoken about on the show. Ever since Leon has gone through this transition, they have been active on social media, but not seen often with their family.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Why Leon Brown is Distant From the Family

The Other Siblings
In Gwen’s latest post on YouTube, she was open about the other siblings that have taken the time to back away from their famous family. One sibling is Paedon Brown. Gwen said, “The only one who’s been separated from the family by something outside of their control is Paedon, and that’s for good reason. Leon has given themselves space for their emotional health and Robyn’s kids are separated because of her own doing. Honestly, he doesn’t have good relationships with any of his kids.”

Gwen has been very active about posting on her YouTube channel and doesn’t want to hide how she is feeling from her fans. It is evident that her fans enjoy her posts about her famous family. She watches episodes of Sister Wives each week and talks about how she felt about them. You can find out more about her family through her YouTube channel and her posts on social media.


 Fans Issue Warnings For Christine’s BF David Woolley

The famous Sister Wives star, Christine Brown, recently revealed she is seeing a new man named David Wolley. She may have found her soulmate. After being together for over two decades, Christine Brown parted ways with her ex-husband, Kody Brown. In January 2023, she confirmed that she had started dating again and later introduced her new boyfriend.

The couple only recently made their relationship public. But many viewers already believe that Christine and David are a great match. Judging from their emotional social media posts, it seems like they are head over heels in love. Even though fans are pleased with the couple’s relationship, thinking about Christine’s previous marriage scares them. As a result, fans have issued warnings to Christine’s boyfriend in his new post. Let’s see what fans have to say to David.

Sister Wives: Fans Warn David Never To Hurt Her & Treat Her As She Deserves
Over the weekend, Christine Brown and her boyfriend, David Woolley, expressed their affection for each other extensively on Instagram. As fans are aware, Christine recently went on a trip to visit her latest grandchild, Madison’s daughter. However, it appears that her boyfriend did not accompany her on the journey. The Utah native recently shared a picture of herself expressing her longing for her partner. In the comment section, David also admitted that he misses her as well.

In addition, he turned up the romance with a heartfelt post. The post featured a picture of Christine sipping from a mug and a second photo of them snuggling together. In the picture, Christine smiled for the camera while laying her face on David’s shoulder and resting her head against his cheek. Additionally, he included a few hashtags referring to Christine as his soul mate and his queen, as per tvshowsace. Fans appreciate seeing Christine with a partner who treated her like royalty.

With David Woolley’s increasing following on Instagram, it’s evident that fans have been dominating his comment section. Mostly, people are following him to see pictures of a happy and loved Christine curling up with her new partner. Sister Wives fans, however, have a single request for Christine’s new boyfriend, more of a warning, in fact.

Several fans have flooded the comments with two similar appeals. Firstly, they urge David Woolley to treat Christine as she deserves. Secondly, they warn him never to hurt her. They pointed out that David could face a severe backlash from fans if he ever breaks up or hurts Christine. They warned him that fans would come after him in droves.

Sister Wives: Kody Believe Christine Is Faking Her Relationship With David Just To Make Him Jealous
Ever since the Sister Wives star made the big announcement, they never failed to display their love on social media. Christine and David are living their best lives in the honeymoon phase, posting about their date nights and kitchen dances. However, Kody doesn’t seem ready for it yet. He believes that Christine is only pretending to have a storyline with Woolley to make him jealous. According to a source who spoke to TheSun, Kody Brown is skeptical of Christine’s new relationship with David Woolley. Kody thinks it’s impossible for his ex-wife to move on so quickly after spending so many years with him.


The insider stated that Kody considers all of this to be nonsense. They also added that Christine has a tendency to seek revenge when it comes to Kody. And that she may be trying to reinvent herself while showing her ex-husband what he’s missing. So, what do you think is Christine faking her relationship with her new boyfriend just to make Kody jealous? Or does she genuinely have feelings for him? Let us know what you think about Christine’s new relationship. And stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for further updates.