Can Todd & Julie Chrisley Leave Early for Behavioural Improvement

Those who have been following this story agree there’s a pretty big difference between Todd and Julie Chrisley getting sentenced to 19 years behind bars and them actually serving 19 years behind bars. Being reality TV stars with pretty fat bank accounts, most assume they’ll find a way to get out of jail early. Could Todd and Julie Chrisley get out early for good behavior?

Multiple media outlets have been discussing Todd and Julie Chrisley’s sentencing with legal experts that have no connections to the Chrisley family. These legal experts have been able to weigh in and give clarity on a lot of questions fans have. This includes whether Todd and Julie can get out of jail early.

Can Todd and Julie Chrisley get out early?
People Magazine sat down with a former federal prosecutor and president of West Coast Trial Lawyers Neama Rahmani, who reportedly has no ties to the Chrisley family, to ask this specific question. Was it possible for the couple to get out of jail early?

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Neama Rahmani tells the outlet that under federal law, getting out of jail early for good behavior isn’t really an option for Todd and Julie. The former federal prosecutor proceeded to explain the couple would be required, by law, to serve at least 85 percent of their sentence.

And that’s the minimum they’re going to have to serve if they’re model inmates. Unlike states where inmates can sometimes serve less than even half of their sentence, under federal statutes, you only get a slight reduction for good behavior.”

The former federal prosecutor added that Todd and Julie Chrisley only really have themselves to blame for their “high sentences.” Rahmani explained that they only received such a hefty amount of time behind bars because they refused to own up to their crimes or show any remorse. Even now, the couple and their entire family still insist they are innocent and justice has not been served.

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Doing the math, Julie Chrisley is federally required to serve just under six of her seven-year sentence. Todd would be required to serve a little over ten years of his 12-year sentence. Julie and Todd would have to be considered role model inmates and get approved for release after serving 85 percent of their sentence, though.

Did you know Todd and Julie Chrisley can’t really get out of jail early? Let us know your thoughts down below. And, keep coming back for more news on the Chrisley family.