Abby Miller says Todd Chrisley talked of ‘people coming after him’ before jail

Dance Moms star Abby Miller says she received a long email from Todd Chrisley as he serves time in prison.

Reality TV stars Todd and Julie Chrisley report to prison

Todd Chrisley was sentenced to 12 years in jail in November 2022. His wife, Julie Chrisley, was also sentenced to seven years behind bars. The Chrisley Knows Best stars are serving time for bank fraud and tax evasion.

The reality TV couple reported to their respective prisons in January 2023. However, Todd and Julie were set to appeal their case in February, per their attorney, Alex Little.

Todd and Julie Chrisley pose in black at E3 Chophouse Nashville Grand Opening Party

Who is Abby Miller?
Like Todd and Julie, Abby Miller is a former reality TV star.

She appeared on Dance Moms from 2011 to 2017 and again in 2019.

In 2020, she announced that she was leaving Dance Moms and revealed she was once Jojo Siwa’s dance coach.

Last year, Abby took a trip down memory lane by showcasing nostalgic snaps from the 1990s. She was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma in 2018 and is paralyzed from the waist down.

Abby can be found on Instagram at @therealabbylee.

RIP: Todd’s father Gene Raymond Chrisley was an army veteran who passed in 2012
Abby Miller reveals email from Todd Chrisley
In March 2023, The US Sun reports that Abby and Todd Chrisley have been communicating by email.

Todd and Julie Chrisley's fall from grace: The inside story

Abby said that she “used to DM” Todd “all the time,” but he didn’t respond.

However, she revealed that he later sent her a long email apologizing for not replying.

Abby relayed the email from Todd: “I didn’t know people could send me messages. I never looked at these DMs. I didn’t even know what this is about. I’m so sorry I never got back to you.”

Todd has been staying in contact with his family via email since being in jail. Savannah Chrisley said that her dad sent her an “inspiring” email.

Abby says Todd talked of ‘people coming after him’
The Dance Moms star added that there was something about her conversation with Todd that she found particularly “odd.”

She said that Todd “…was always going on about financial institutions and people that were coming after him, his local government – always talking about that…”

Abby, who previously spent time in jail for fraud, drew on her own experiences to think about Todd’s words. She spent eight months behind bars in 2017.

She added: “When I was indicted by the U.S. government, it came as a complete whoosh, smack in the face. I had no clue that I had done anything wrong. And I say that I still don’t.”

Abby went on to say that she thinks Julie will cope “just fine” in prison, while she doesn’t think that Todd will do so well.

Todd and Julie’s daughter, Savannah Chrisley, often keeps her podcast listeners up to date with her parents as they serve their time. Savannah reported Todd looks different since going to prison and that he had “changed.”