Sister Wives: David Reveals An Intimate Message That Christine Left For Him

The Sister Wives star publicized her relationship with David Woolley on Valentine’s Day

Christine Brown is completely smitten with her new boyfriend David Woolley.

Sister Wives: David Reveals An Intimate Message That Christine Left For Him

The Sister Wives fans are really happy to know that Christine is finally getting the treatment and love she deserves. It’s been a while since she has been gushing over her new partner, and she claims that her soul took its first breath after she started dating David. While David often expresses his feelings on social media and calls Christine his ‘queen.’ The TLC star also never leaves a chance to make her partner feel loved.

Recently, David Woolley took to Instagram and shared a snap of an ‘intimate’ message which Christine left for him. With a heart, she scribbled ‘I Love You’ on the bathroom mirror. The TLC star further called Woolley her ‘King’ in her message. Evidently, David was overwhelmed by this gesture and decided to share this with the world.

Woolley wrote in the caption that he loves the way Christine is thoughtful and does little things for him. He further added hashtags of soulmates and called her his queen. The viewers loved that the TLC star is trying her best to make her relationship work and is treating her new partner with love. A fan claimed that it is great to witness how both of them equally make efforts to bring happiness. Another one came from a person who couldn’t wait to watch Christine walking down the aisle with Wolley and manifest their wedding.

Sister Wives: David Treats Christine Like His Queen

Many Sister Wives viewers questioned Christine for using terms like king and queen because they felt it appeared fake. But it seems that the star couple isn’t using these words just to express their love but also to abide by their literal meaning. Recently, Christine Brown took to Instagram and shared a wholesome picture with David. They wore shades of grey while Woolley held his partner close to him. The couple grinned at the camera and looked really happy.

The Sister Wives star, 50, shared a sweet photo of the couple holding each other while squeezed into a booth. Alongside the pic, Brown raved about Woolley in the accompanying caption.

“I can’t express how amazing it’s been to have David in my life,” she wrote. “He’s an incredible man and he treats me like his Queen.”

The reality star publicized her relationship with David on Valentine’s Day while sharing multiple photos of the pair.

“I finally found the love of my life, David,” she previously revealed on Instagram. “The first time he held me close, it felt like my soul took it’s first breath.”

Brown added, “He’s wonderful and kind, incredible with my children and an adorable grandpa. I never dreamed I could find a love like this.”

She’s continued to share loving posts featuring Woolley ever since. Among her sweet uploads includes a video of the pair dancing together in a kitchen.

As for her new love, Woolley said he was “just along for the ride” while sharing a photo of the pair in a car together. He also referred to Brown as his “soulmate.”

Brown’s relationship with Woolley marks her first since her divorce from her husband of 25 years, Kody Brown. Christine then said it had been “awkward” dating again more than a year after the split before revealing in early February she is “exclusively” dating someone.

As for Kody’s own romantic life, his polygamous marriages with first wife Meri Brown and second wife Janelle Brown also recently came to an end. He’s still married to fourth wife Robyn Brown.