General Hospital: Olivia Jerome RETURNS?

The twists and turns on General Hospital are nowhere close to slowing down. We barely even got past the ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ of Ryan Chamberlain at the hands of Mac Scorpio and the entire revelations regarding how he infiltrated Ava, Spencer, and Nik’s life through Esme. Now, we have another mystery looming over us, just waiting to burst out!

For months we have watched Mason answer to an elusive figure over the phone. Recently, many hints made it clear that the person pulling the strings is indeed a woman. Ever since then, there have been many speculations about who the lady could be. Earlier, we discussed the possibility of Helena Cassadine being the lady boss. However, recent developments are pointing toward another female mastermind. It is none other than, Olivia Jerome!

The Mysterious Case Of Nikolas Cassadine

After Ava smashed Nik’s head with a statue, it seemed like The Dark Prince had fallen to his ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ. Or so thought, Ava! She called in Austin’s help, and they stashed his body away at the stables in Wyndemere. However, when they later went to retrieve it, they found it missing. The duo has been living in fear ever since. Although bludgeoned up, Nik did not escape Spoon Island on his own. Austin’s cousin, Mason, moved an unconscious Nik to a care facility. Ever since then, he has been reporting Nik’s updates to his lady boss over the phone.

General Hospital

Now, we know that Mason doesn’t work for himself on General Hospital. So if he rescued Nik and has him getting treatment at a care facility, he is doing at his boss’ behest. And if the boss is keeping Nik alive, then she clearly wishes to benefit from him. Mason knows what transpired between Nik, Ava, and Austin. So the lady boss definitely wants to use it as leverage against Ava and Austin. We know that Austin keeps trying to break free of the mob ties, so it’s clear that the lady boss could use this to make him stay. But what could Mason’s boss want from Ava?

Olivia, The Lady Boss, Intends To Use Nik To Control Ava On General Hospital

If Helena Cassadine was the lady boss on General Hospital, having Nik in her corner would be enough for her. After all, she tried to lure him to the dark side for years, but he had a taste for gray. Anyhoo, she wouldn’t really care so much about having Ava and Austin under her thumb. Olivia, however, is a different story altogether! The Jerome sisters have been on bad terms for a while now on General Hospital. Ava used to be the boss of the syndicate, but she is a reformed woman now. Olivia took over the mob after Ava, but she is in prison these days.

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But we saw Cyrus remote-control his gang from behind bars for years on General Hospital. So there is no reason why Olivia can’t be doing it! In fact, it would make total sense that this is why she is only ever available on the phone to Mason! Moreover, Cyrus previously name-dropped her, and that couldn’t have been just for anything! So there is a huge chance that in the upcoming episodes, Ava will come face-to-face with her sister, Olivia. Perhaps Olivia plans to use Nik’s leverage to make Ava get her out of prison! What do you think? Tell us in the comments below. Meanwhile, stay tuned to the upcoming episodes of General Hospital to see what happens next.