Sister Wives Fans Think The Show’s Future Is Grim – Here’s Why

Sister Wives has been on the air since 2010, but fans aren’t sure for how much longer, as the Brown family isn’t as interesting as they were before.

The reality series Sister Wives was a fascinating show for viewers, but now they think it should come to an end. While the show has provided insight into how a modern polygamist family functions, with Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown all divorced or separated from Kody Brown, it doesn’t seem like there’s much to entice fans to continue watching the original show. Though Sister Wives season 18 has already begun filming, it’s uncertain how much interest fans will still have in the show.

Some of the Sister Wives’ disinterest stems from social media. Many members of the family post often on their accounts, sharing details about their family and major milestones in their lives. This constant stream of information sometimes spoils an upcoming season for fans, as filming often takes a year or so to complete. When episodes finally air, most storylines have already been revealed, like Sister Wives’ Kody Brown’s daughter Gwen Brown’s engagement to Beatriz Queiroz. Fans are usually well aware of what happens to the Brown family, so watching the show doesn’t always add to their knowledge when it’s so far behind. Beyond the confessionals with individual cast members, Sister Wives doesn’t necessarily provide new insight.

Why Fans Think Sister Wives Needs To End

On Reddit, some fans like u/Rubiogal2 feel Sister Wives has become a “mess” as “the reason for [the show’s existence] is dead.” With three wives leaving the family, they believe there is less incentive to watch, and that the “content” of the show is lacking aside from the “aftermath” of the divorces and separation. There are complaints from fans that the series “draaaaaags and snail trails” with anything worth watching “already covered in the tabloids.” Although Kody Brown’s new business could generate some interest in the show, most viewers are weary of him and his “abusive toxic masculinity.” The Browns have changed a lot since 2010, but fans are not really interested in their lives anymore.

What Sister Wives Fans Think Could Happen Instead

Sister Wives Cast

Though Sister Wives may have lost fan interest, most of the cast has not. With Christine, Meri, and Janelle moving on in their lives, fans are curious about what they will do next. The ex-wives have generated a lot of interest in the show, but viewers are ready for “something more honest” than the “storylines” developed by producers or Kody. Some believe that a spinoff with Janelle and Christine, or a “long extended tell all” that delves into the behind-the-scenes drama, would be more satisfying to watch than future seasons of Sister Wives. This makes fans unwilling to watch more “lies” from the Browns if they don’t have to.

Fans aren’t sure if there’s more they can get out of the show. The series was developed to show the dynamics of a polygamous family in their daily lives. Sister Wives no longer fulfills its original intent without the polygamous marriages, leaving fans ready for it to end. There is little left to learn that can’t be found first on social media, causing the show to feel far behind reality. Fans are tired of seeing the family fights and witnessing Kody’s growing narcissistic tendencies. Without compelling reasons to watch the Brown family on TV, TLC may have to design a new show or accept that fans aren’t as willing to watch it anymore.