General Hospital: Is Nikolas Cassadine Getting Revived In May?

Nikolas Cassadine is in an extremely tricky position in General Hospital. He had begun to spiral downwards when Esme Prince came back to Port Charles with a baby bump in tow. He tried his best to contain the news, but for how long could he have kept her captive anyway. She eventually escaped and the news became public. This completely destroyed whatever had remained of his marriage with Ava. Things got so volatile between them that in a fit of rage, Ava smacked his head with a statue.

For a few episodes there, it looked like Nikolas Cassadine, The Dark Prince of General Hospital, had fallen to his ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ. However, it seems that he isn’t ᴅᴇᴀᴅ after all, at least he isn’t yet! After Ava and Austin stashed his body in the stables, Mason whipped him away to a care facility. Currently, Nik is hanging by a thread in an unconscious state. So if you ask us, there is still hope for the revival of The Dark Prince! Because if the makers really wanted to permanently write off his character, they would’ve just let him ᴅɪᴇ after Ava whacked his head.

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The Dark Prince Returns On General Hospital?

So if Nikolas really is coming back hail and hearty on General Hospital, when could that happen? Recently, GH’s writer, Dave Rupel, appeared on The Locher Room. He dropped a lot of hints regarding what’s coming next on the ABC soap. Apart from talking about the Nurses Ball, and the special episode for Epiphany, he also mention some early May sweeps. And that’s where he made a little slip-up that got out spidey senses buzzing!

At one point, Dave Rupel says that in May sweeps all the generations will be coming together on General Hospital. He went on to name a few characters and said, “Nikolas, Trina, Laura…” He then tried to cover up by saying Spencer not Nikolas. But we think he really could have meant Nikolas, Because hey, he is just lying there on the bed waiting to be woken up! But there is one big question that arises here. If Nikolas is revived in May, who will bring him back? And when we say who will bring him back, we mean which actor will portray the character post-revival?

Nikolas Cassadine’s character was originally played by actor Tyler Christopher on General Hospital. However, in 2019, actor Marcus Coloma took over the role, and played Nik flawlessly until recently. Actor Adam Huss filled in for Marcus a few times in between. And recently, when Marcus exited for good, Adam Huss was brought in to take the character to it’s end on General Hospital, which he did excellently. So, if Nik returns in May, who do you think could play him? Tyler, Marcus, Adam, or an entirely new face? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season and Spoilers for more update on the matter!