Truth revealed : Robyn Brown’s Manipulation, ʟɪᴇs Exposed in Meri & Kody’s Resurfaced Divorce Court Records

Truth revealed : Robyn Brown staged the Kody & Meri split

Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown could be to blame for her husband Kody Brown’s divorce from ex-wife Meri Brown. Robyn had motives to break the couple up.

Sister Wives fans are theorizing that Robyn Brown, the only remaining wife of Kody Brown, has been orchestrating his split from his first wife, Meri Brown, for years. Meri, who married Kody in 1990, legally divorced the patriarch of the family in 2010 so that he could marry Robyn and legally adopt her children. The couple stayed in a spiritual union until 2022, when Meri announced she and Kody were separated. Though Kody and Meri just separated recently, there have been signs of their relationship crumbling for years.


What Was Sister Wives’ Robyn’s Relationship With Meri Like?

Though Kody and Meri had relationship issues for a long time, many of these issues began coming to a head when Robyn joined the family. During the earlier seasons of Sister Wives, Robyn and Meri were closer. In fact, Meri even helped Robyn get closer to Kody, and then agreed to a legal divorce so Kody could adopt Robyn’s children. Reddit user u/LunarEclipse10987 said, “I think every bit of Robyns relationship with Meri was parasitic. Robyn used Meri so much and took everything from her. Meri just wanted a friend because she ruined the relationships with her other sister wives and got burned.”

Did Sister Wives’ Robyn Break Up Kody’s Marriage To Meri?

Throughout the run of Sister Wives, there has been a noticeable difference between the way Kody treats Robyn and the way Kody treats his other wives. Meri and Robyn were once close, which could explain why Kody had such a difficult time treating her like a spouse after he was married to Robyn, who he openly enjoyed more than Meri. After Robyn got what she wanted from Meri and legally married Kody, their relationship changed, and has continued to deteriorate over the years. It is believable that Robyn has been waiting for Meri and Kody to call it quits for years, even though Robyn’s beliefs in plural marriage are strong.

While Meri and Kody’s relationship has been rocky for many years, Robyn’s presence was not helpful when they were trying to work through their issues. As Sister Wives continues into a new age with Kody down to only one wife, many fans are curious to know if Meri or either of Kody’s other ex-wives will continue to factor into Kody’s decisions. Only time will tell if Kody will find another sister wife, and further, if Robyn will be okay with that.