Savannah Chrisley Blasts Government For ‘Witch Hunt’ Against Parents

Chrisley Knows Best’s Savannah Chrisley claims that once the government decided they were going after Todd and Julie, there was nothing they could do.

Chrisley Knows Best star Savannah Chrisley revealed that she believes the government went on a “witch hunt” for her parents, and now that they have been sent to prison, she has had to step up to the plate. Todd and Julie Chrisley, who also star on Chrisley Knows Best, were given a combined sentence of almost 19 years for tax evasion and fraud. Since they’ve been gone, Savannah, 25, has been raising her brother Grayson, 16, and her niece Chloe, 10.

In the Off the Vine With Kaitlyn Bristowe podcast, Savannah went after the federal government over how they’ve supposedly treated Chrisley Knows Best’s Todd Chrisley and his wife Julie. She said, “I know the things they have done and have not done. I know the witch hunt. When the government wants someone, they want someone. They’re going to do whatever it takes to make it look how they need it to look.” She said her parents are planning to appeal their conviction later this month. Since they weren’t given an evidentiary hearing by the judge, she hopes that the appeal will show that her parents are “100%” not guilty.

Savannah Chrisley Claims Family Wasn’t Expecting Guilty Verdict

Savannah also talked to Kaitlyn about the moment that her parents’ guilty verdict was read aloud. “I will never forget when they stood up to read the verdicts, and it was like guilty, guilty, guilty, like over and over again.” Savannah claimed that no one was expecting that verdict and the sentencing that came along with it. She has been raising her brother and niece now and said that it is difficult, and it sometimes can cause her to break down, though she doesn’t have any hard feelings towards Todd and Julie.

Being 25 years old, having her parents sent to prison, and then raising two children is surely never something Savannah expected to be doing at this stage in her life. Stepping up to the plate is something that hopefully her parents will be able to appreciate. It’s impressive Savannah remains as positive as she is, and she’s being as strong as she can for everyone. Todd and Julie’s combined 19-year sentence is a big chunk of time to be missing out on all of their children growing up, but it has been reported that Savannah has taken her siblings to go and visit them in prison.

Going forward, it will be interesting to see if Todd and Julie are able to do anything about the sentencing that they currently have or if the family will just have to work together and figure out this new normal. With rumors of spin-off shows that don’t involve their parents, and drama happening with Kyle Chrisley, only time will tell what is next for the Chrisleys. The guilty verdict was definitely jarring for them, but maybe it will give them a new dynamic to work with and become closer. Hopefully, Savannah is able to remain strong and be there for her brother and niece as they navigate this difficult time.

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