BREAKING NEWS!! Do Kody Brown’s former “Sister Wives” receive show residuals?

Do Kody Brown’s Ex ‘Sister Wives’ Get Residuals From Show?

Do Kody Brown’s former wives get residuals from Sister Wives episodes? Fans are very curious about this as he and his fourth wife, Robyn have already taken so much from them. Now, with Season 18 apparently currently filming, the question is coming up once again. Read on for more details.

Do Kody Brown’s Former Sister Wives Get Residuals From Show?

When Kody Brown was at risk of losing the show, he took a significant pay cut. Plus, it appeared that not all of the wives would be paid individually. Rather, they would get a lump sum for appearing in the series. Now, three of his wives have left the marriage. They are doing their own things as they have been for many years. More so, his former third wife, Christine is not even living in Flagstaff anymore and has moved on with a new man. His former first wife has her own businesses and Janelle recently established her own company along with her Strive with Janelle.


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Therefore, after seventeen seasons, do the wives get residuals from the show? After all, it streams on discovery+ and will rerun when a new season is beginning. Fans took to Reddit to inquire about this. “Do the Sister Wives get paid for the reruns?” the OP started the thread. This is a fair question especially since Janelle has noted that she has nothing to her name. That was what was keeping her with Kody and staying stagnant. “With Kody negotiating their contracts, who knows what opportunities these women missed,” one person responded.


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Another added: “He’s not as good at negotiating as he thinks, after all, he negotiated the cost of running utilities to the coyote pass property out of the sale price, and now he’s found out that’s a much larger cost than he thought.” Someone also pointed out how Kody Brown had to lower their contract: “Him going from 180k a person to 180k for the family a season shows his ignorance and ego.” Finally, a Redditor noted this: “No they would need to be Union members & have SAG cards plus really good agents.”

Bottom Line

As of now, it is unclear if Kody Brown’s former wives or even he and Robyn get paid residuals from the show. Christine may have gotten lucky when she got her spinoff Cooking With Just Christine. However, if the contracts are set in stone, there might not be much that can be done after the fact. TLC may have offered incentives to keep the ex-wives filming. One of them was building a set for Christine in her Utah home so that she would not have to travel to Flagstaff anymore. It would be quite sad if they did not profit from streaming and reruns.

Do you believe that Kody Brown is a bad negotiator and only thought in the moment? More so, do you think his doing so hurt them in the long run with residuals? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Christine Brown Calls David Woolley ‘King’ – He Gives Her What Kody Didn’t?

Sister Wives cast member Christine Brown and her boyfriend David Woolley want the world to know they couldn’t be happier as a couple.

They enjoy their time together and often gush about how they feel about each other. But some fans think the two may be moving too fast.

Sister Wives: David Woolley Loves the Way Christine Brown Treats Him

Christine Brown of Sister Wives has a new love interest. And David Woolley is thrilled by how his girlfriend treats him. David recently praised and thanked her for all the little things she does for him.

Earlier this week, he let fans know how he felt Christine goes above and beyond to please him. The Sister Wives celebrity makes no secret that she believes that she finally found the man of her dreams in David Woolley.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - David Woolley

He recently posted a photo showing one of the special ways she reminds him how much she cares. However, Christine says David is no slouch in the romance department. She adds he is equally as attentive to her.

Fans React to TLC Star Calling David Her “King”

David and Christine often refer to each other as King and Queen. While Sister Wives fans are thrilled that the TLC celebrity finally found the love of her life, they are torn over the royalty reference.

Some feel she needs to tone it down a bit. However, others find the pet names as a sign of respect. However, she will not let anyone rain on her love parade. She says she waited decades to find true love.


Sister Wives: David Woolley
Image Credit: Instagram

Since her split from her Sister Wives’ spouse, Kody Brown, she has found a new outlook on life and will not turn back. Happiness and family are her top priorities, and with David, she has it all. So now that she has found it, she will not let it go.


Image Credit: Instagram

Sister Wives: Is Christine Trying Too Hard to Please New Man?

Some fans question if the TLC alum is trying too hard to please her beau. They all want to see Christine remain happy and content in her new life without Kody Brown. However, they do not want her to try too hard to keep him happy and in her life out of fear of losing him.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown
Image Credit: Instagram

But she maintains her relationship with David is based on mutual love and respect. She says he is her perfect match. They adore each other, and that is something she feels is rare to find.

Viewers say they are anxious to see more of Christine Brown and David Woolley’s romance in the upcoming season. They say it should be interesting to see the difference in Christine since Sister Wives Season 17.