Sister Wives: Kody Brown & 3 Of His Wives Have Filed For BANKRUPTCY! Who Hasn’t?

The Sister Wives Browns’ lavish lifestyle hasn’t been there from the beginning. They definitely are not strangers to financial crises. There have been several instances when the family had to deal with poverty and money issues. While they struggled with monetary crises prior to their appearance on the TLC show, there have been times when they even filed for bankruptcy. But sh0ckingly, there is one wealthy member who has never faced money issues and never filed for bankruptcy as well! Who is that? Here are all the details!

Sister Wives: Long Bankruptcy History Of The Browns
The Sister Wives star Janelle Brown often considered herself frugal but used to struggle with financial crises. She had to file for bankruptcy within four years of marrying Kody Brown. As per the reports, the TLC star had about $20,000 in debt, which included around $12,000 in credit cards in 2015. Hence, Janelle decided to file bankruptcy when she had only $400 per month in income. On the other hand, her best friend Christine Brown also filed for the same in 2010. She had an income of $2,300 per month income while she had a debt of around $25,000. Among these, $22,000 was her credit and debit card related.

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Then comes Kody and Meri Brown. They filed for bankruptcy after eight years of togetherness in 2005. At that time, they were legally married and decided to file for it collectively. As per the reports, they had an income of around $5,000 per month, while their expenses were over $6,000 per month. The couple had approximately $80,000 in debts that included bills like car loans and two mortgages. Evidently, Kody Brown used to work in sales while Meri Brown was employed in Youth Services and did a part-time job. In addition to that, it is predicted that after three divorces in a row, Kody is more likely to go through a bankruptcy phase again.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Never Filed For Bankruptcy!
The Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is the only wealthy member of the family who hasn’t filed for bankruptcy ever in her life. Evidently, she legally got married to Kody Brown in 2014. The TLC Brown had more than $30,000 in debt under her name. Hence, after her marriage, the Browns decided to clear all the dues from their family savings. It even included a lengthy bill from Victoria’s Secret, which was paid off from the family funds.

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As per the reports, Robyn Brown doesn’t have a fixed job in the current scenario. In contrast, she is the one who lives in a massive mansion with a hut tub. Hence, several viewers predicted that there was a fair chance that soon Kody and Robyn might have to file for joint bankruptcy because of their expenses. The couple doesn’t even have the support of Meri, Janelle, and Christine, which increases the chances of the same. What do you think so? Do let us know in the comments.