90 Day Fiance: Kim Menzies’ Hair Makeover Went Wrong — Trolled For Fashion Blunder!

The 90 Day Fiance star Kim Menzies has been experimenting with several new looks after parting ways with her long-term fiance Usman Umar. They had a turbulent relationship leading to a messy split. Since then, the TLC star has been in her glow-up phase. Menzies shares her makeovers with her fans quite often on social. She received praise for some, while others had a scope of betterment. But this time, viewers were sh0cked to witness when Kimberly decided to go for a ‘pink hair extension’ on national television! To know more about her look and fans’ reaction, keep on reading.

90 Day Fiance: Fans Doubt Kim’s New ‘Pink’ Hair Extensions
The 90 Day Fiance star Kim Menzies has now joined the cast of the Pillow Talk segment of the show after her appearance in the Happily Ever After spinoff. She appeared with her son Jamal Menzies while the duo was reviewing the new Season of Other Way. Viewers couldn’t help but notice a new bizarre change in the TLC star. Evidently, Kim wore a blue printed outfit with which she decided to add fuchsia pink lengthy hair extensions to her look. These super-long highlights created several controversies.

The viewers took this matter to Reddit and wondered if Kim needed to at least cut her lengthy extensions to her actual hair length. A user claimed that she used to look much better without these highlights. Another one came from a person who thought these extensions looked better than the Sojaboy apparel the celeb used to wear. However, someone came to her rescue and pointed out that Kim mentioned it prior that she added these ‘long’ hair extensions just to look funny. Hence, there is a fair chance that Menzies did that on purpose to appear more comical to the viewers.

90 Day Fiance: Fans Loved Kim’s Revenge Makeover!
There have been several instances when the 90 Day Fiance star Kim Menzies has garnered her many compliments. She has undergone a complete makeover in the recent past. The TLC star has moved on from Sojaboy merchandise T-shirts to classy fitted dresses. In addition to that, her soft blond hair also received a lot of compliments. It was a new shoulder-length hairstyle with lighter locks. Evidently, Kimberly’s new hair made her look younger

and prettier. The viewers definitely love her fresh and healthier phase in which Kim is not hesitant to try out new stuff.

It is evident that Kim’s style has evolved over the years. Earlier, she opted for more loose T-shirts and pants, while now she often appears in elegant dresses and skirts. Though several speculations claim that Menzies is doing this to win Usman back in her life, viewers are happy that at least she is progressing. It is clear that the TLC star is leading a happier and healthier life while she socializes more and works on herself better. What do you think about Kim’s makeover? Do let us know in the comment section.