‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Gushes Over Garrison Being Helpful In Latest Post

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown loves to share exciting updates on social media. Most of the time, Janelle shares her workout routines and the incredible progress of her weight loss journey. She also loves to share snapshots of bonding time with her kids. Fans have been praising Janelle for the effort she’s giving them amid Kody Brown’s absence. Janelle even took to social media recently to gush over her son, Garrison, for being so helpful. Fans think most of Janelle’s sons are now fulfilling the role that Kody should have been for his family.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Gushes Over Garrison Brown Being Helpful
In a social media post, Sister Wives star Janelle Brown shared a clip of her son, Garrison Brown, assembling her newly-bought table. According to Janelle, she’s thankful to have kids who know how to use tools. Janelle also shared that she gave away her bigger table for her kids’ apartment. Janelle later posted the final result of Garrison’s work. “New table – about 1/3 the size of my old one. I loved my big solid table, have had it for years. But this fits my small space much better,” she added.

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Janelle Continues To Spend Time With The Kids Since Split With Kody
Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has been spending most of her time with her kids since her split from Kody Brown. Fans have been praising her for staying strong and fulfilling her role as a mother to her kids despite Kody’s absence. Janelle even took to social media recently to share her dinner date with some of her kids. Fans have noticed that Janelle hasn’t been able to spend time with Christine Brown lately. Some believe that the two are just busy with their own lives, especially now that Christine has a new boyfriend.

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Sister Wives: What’s Next For Janelle Brown?
At this point, Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has yet to share her next big project. However, fans believe that she’s been busy filming for Season 18 over the past few weeks. Apparently, Paedon Brown recently claimed that Season 18 will happen and it will focus more on Janelle. Her storyline remains unclear. There are some who think it has something to do with her new life since her split with Kody Brown.

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Meanwhile, some fans assume that Kody may try to win back some of his wives in Season 18. Others doubt that he’ll ever win back Christine’s heart, especially now that she’s living her best life with David Woolley.