SHOW OFF Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown reveals thinner face and narrow jawline after weight-loss as she goes makeup-free in new pic

SISTER Wives star Janelle Brown has taken to social media to flaunt her trimmed-down frame amid her recent weight loss.

In a natural selfie that Janelle shared on her Instagram Stories, her evidently leaner face was front and center.

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown took to Instagram to flaunt her scaled-down frame
Sister Wives star Janelle Brown took to Instagram to flaunt her scaled-down frameCredit: TLC
Janelle's selfie showed her makeup-free and cheerful
Janelle’s selfie showed her makeup-free and cheerfulCredit: Instagram/Janelle Brown

Janelle, 53, held the camera close to her face, capturing the reality personality head-on.

She did the thumbs-up sign, positioning it so it covered part of her lips and teeth.

Though her thumbs-up symbol partially shielded her mouth, the rest of her face was visible.

Janelle’s jawline stood out the most because of how slender it looked, appearing to taper into her narrowed neck.

Another noticeable aspect of the pic was her makeup-less face and her cheerful smile.

Since Janelle lost 100-pounds, she’s been sharing her new fit figure with fans on social media.

Last week she uploaded a photo montage of happy moments to Instagram.

In the video, Janelle set a variety of images to the song “I’m in Love” by Old Hollywood actress Doris Day.

The clip started with a close-up selfie of Janelle as she held a bottle of Plexus.

She wore a casual navy plaid shirt and had her hair tied back with side-swept bangs as she smiled widely.

Next, she shared a photo of herself holding a “smart snack” from the same supplement company.

In the third image, Janelle donned a pair of blue skinny jeans for the adorable moment.

She looked glam and put together for the shot, as she smiled in happiness and excitement while holding co-star Christine’s daughter Mykelti’s twin sons, Archer and Ace.

After this, Janelle shared another Plexus shot, this time holding a reusable metal bottle.

The pretty picture was all in shades of pink; from her top to her bottle, to her Apple Watch.

Finally, there came a snap of Janelle with now-engaged Christine, who both looked glowing and chic as they clinked their Plexus bottles together.

Janelle has been busily promoting Plexus, known as “the pink drink,” which is a powder supplement that’s mixed with water and serves as an appetite suppressant for weight management.

She is now taking the reins into her own hands and has formed new businesses of her own.

According to Arizona business records, Janelle filed an LLC – or Limited Liability Company – for “Janelle Brown Production” on December 29, 2022.

That same day, she also filed an LLC for her online health coaching business, “Strive With Janelle.”

Back in November, The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed that Janelle is now half her former size.

An insider shared: “Janelle has lost a ton of weight. She does not look the same. She’s half the size she was.

“Her numbers have completely changed. She’s got to be at least 100 lbs down.”

The TLC star has kept followers posted with information about her lifestyle changes, alongside motivational posts.

Many fans have speculated that Janelle’s weight loss journey came after her relationship breakdown.

Last year, The U.S. Sun exclusively reported that Janelle and Kody finally separated after 29 years of marriage.

The snap also flexed Janelle's tapered jawline
The snap also flexed Janelle’s tapered jawlineCredit: Instagram/janellebrown117
Since Janelle lost 100 pounds she's been showing off her new fit frame on social media
Since Janelle lost 100 pounds she’s been showing off her new fit frame on social mediaCredit: INSTAGRAM/janellebrown117
Janelle has also been promoting the weight management brand Plexus on social media
Janelle has also been promoting the weight management brand Plexus on social media