HOT NEWS: Kalani Slept With Another Man To Get REVENGE On Asuelu! [New Spin-Off Plot Revealed]

Kalani and Asuelu used to be one of the most wholesome couples on 90 Day Fiance until things got a little too complicated. Initially, it was the latter’s immature behavior that seemed to be the root of their problems. Then, their distance grew Asuelu’s family got quite invasive in their married life. To everyone’s shock, it turns out that it was infidelity that drew the last straw. Yes, both Kalani and Asuelu cheated on each other. The biggest scandal in the TLC show’s history will soon be featured on a new spin-off.

90 Day Fiance: Asuelu Gave Kalani A “Hall Pass,” Let Her Sleep With Another Man!

Things have been way too complicated between Asuelu and Kalani than we all assumed. After the last season of 90 Day Fiance that they appeared in, it seemed like the issues between the couple were because of Pulaa’s family. Later, Kalani accused him of being an irresponsible father and putting their kids at risk. Ever since, the couple had been posting subtle hints of their separation, as both of them claimed to be single. But, not long ago, they posted pictures together, confirming reconciliation. Shockingly, as per reports, this patch-up happened after Kalani and Asuelu both cheated on each other.

As per an Instagram Reality-TV blogger, the Samoan man was the first one to cheat on his wife. He apparently got with another woman while on a trip to his native country. Fagaata took no time to catch on and caught Pulaa. As issues persisted, Asuelu reportedly decided to give Kalani a “hall pass.” For those who don’t know what that means, it is a pass that someone gets to cheat on their partner as revenge. So, she went ahead and slept with another man. Well, the identity of this man is not yet revealed. However, we might get to watch this scandal play on our TV screens anytime soon.

90 Day Fiance: New Spin-Off Called “Couples Therapy” Will Feature Kalani & Asuelu’s Cheating Scandal?

TLC is yet to officially announce it, but reports say that a new spin-off of 90 Day Fiance has already been filmed. Months ago, pictures from the production set of the said show were leaked. People spotted many cast members, including Kalani and Asuelu, at a resort, filming new episodes. Apparently, this new series will be called “Couples Therapy,”

in which different 90 Day couples will get therapy together to solve serious issues between them. The cast will probably include Jovi-Yara, Kalani-Asuelu, Angela-Michael, and a few others.


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Coming to Kalani and Asuelu’s storyline, the actual reason behind their marital issues will finally be revealed. We might also get to see the former confessing to cheating on his wife. Later, he will offer her the Hall Pass, and she will find a man to get her revenge. After this happens, the couple will likely get therapy together on the new spin-off. Are you excited to watch it? What are your thoughts on Kalani and Asuelu’s storyline? Tell us in the comments below.