Todd & Julie Chrisley’s Children Struggling Financially?

With Todd and Julie Chrisley behind bars and both Chrisley Knows Best and Growing Up Chrisley canceled, fans suspect the family money is starting to dry up for their children. Are Todd and Julie Chrisley’s children starting to feel the squeeze for cash? Are they struggling to keep the money rolling in so they can continue to live the luxurious life they’ve always known?

Per fan chatter, there are seemingly a lot of signs that Savannah, Chase, and even their grandmother Nanny Faye are starting to feel the reality TV money dry up with Todd and Julie behind bars.

Savannah was told to distance herself from Todd and Julie Chrisley

On a recent podcast, Savannah Chrisley admitted that she was told she needed to consider putting some distance between her parents and her brand. She was told this would need to happen if she wanted her business to be a success and not be weighed down by her parents’ unfortunate situation. It was shortly after she opened up about getting this advice that she jetted off to New York and told her followers she was working on a bit of rebranding. Was she taking the advice to keep the money flowing?

Savannah Chrisley [Unlocked | YouTube]
[Unlocked | YouTube]

Savannah Chrisley took a bargain flight

On Reddit, fans pointed out that it didn’t escape them that Todd Chrisley’s daughter Savannah was flying on Southwest. The fan thought it was wild to see a Chrisley on a bargain flight. And, they wondered if this was confirmation the family was not in a great place financially right now.

Chase Chrisley is pushing his real estate business hard

On his Instagram, Todd and Julie Chrisley’s son Chase has been pushing his real estate business again. Chase Chrisley shared an impressive and stylish photo of himself looking all business as he encouraged people to reach out to him if they were in the Nashville area and looking to buy or sell a home. In the comments of the post, fans were thrilled to see Chase Chrisley throwing himself out there and getting to work.

Chase Chrisley - Instagram
Chase Chrisley – Instagram

Todd Chrisley’s mother is living with Lindsie

Chrisley Knows Best fans have also recently learned that Nanny Faye is living with Lindsie. Some fans can’t help but wonder if there is a financial reasoning as to why Nanny is living with Lindsie. Could she not afford to live on her own with Todd Chrisley behind bars?

Todd and Julie Chrisley’s children make money on Cameo

The entire Chrisley family is on Cameo right now. Savannah only does business videos for a little over $2K right now. But, fans can also buy videos from Grayson, Chase, and even Nanny Faye. It, however, doesn’t appear as if Lindsie Chrisley is on Cameo right now. Still, fans can’t help but wonder if all this hustling is because the family needs cash.

Nanny Faye Chrisley Youtube
Nanny Faye Chrisley Youtube

Do you agree there is a lot of evidence to suggest Todd and Julie Chrisley’s children might be hurting for cash right now? Has their parents’ reality TV money dried up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.