Additional Details Of Savannah Chrisley’s Airplane Incident Leaks

Chrisley Knows Best fans started off Friday morning by learning Savannah Chrisley had been kicked off a Southwest airplane for being an “unruly passenger.” Now, this wasn’t a media outlet or rag magazine breaking the story. It was Savannah herself who took to her Instagram Stories to explain what happened. She told her 2.7M Instagram followers that she knew the story would get twisted and end up in media headlines anyway. So, she wanted to make sure her side of the story was out there.

While telling the story, Savannah admitted that she did call the flight attendant an “a**hole.” Her exact words were that he didn’t have to treat her like an “a**hole.” She also admitted to hoping he found his true purpose in life.

Savannah Chrisley [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

Fan leaks additional details of Savannah Chrisley at airport

In fan chatter on social media, one fan admits they were at the same airport and came in contact with Savannah around the same time the incident was believed to have occurred. This fan admits they have a hard time believing the incident was entirely the flight attendant’s fault and that Savannah wasn’t to blame for any of it.

The fan tells other Chrisley Knows Best fans that Savannah was talking to someone on the phone when they came into contact with her. She was reportedly “very loud” with no regard or consideration for the people around her. The fan said that she was giving massive Todd Chrisley energy in the way she presented herself and the way she was talking on the phone.

Savannah Chrisley Instagram

Changing the subject just a bit, the fan also admitted that it was a bit hard to recognize Savannah Chrisley in person because of the massive amount of fillers and cosmetic work she’s had done to her face. In response to this, other fans thought it was WILD that Savannah was hard to recognize in person will fillers. Other fans thought it was just sad that someone so young believed they needed to have so much work done to look beautiful. Ultimately, fans blamed her father for making her feel this way.

For the most part, fans felt like Savannah was acting entitled as she told her story and believed she should have just checked her bag instead of arguing with the flight attendant. Moreover, most fans aren’t too bothered by the flight attendant for getting frustrated with Savannah.

Savannah Chrisley Youtube
Savannah Chrisley Youtube

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