90 Day Fiance: Jasmine Confirms She’s Making A Baby With Gino!

90 Day Fiance star Jasmine Pineda is always surrounded by controversies. She and her bizarre ways have often received backlash from her audience. There have been several instances when the celeb has overshared her bedroom life on national television. But it seems that Jasmine won’t stop doing the same despite all the hatred she has been receiving. Recently, fans were in literal shock when she publicly revealed that she would be ‘making’ a baby with Gino! She further disclosed some shocking information and ended up crossing all the limits. What did Jasmine up to these days?

90 Day Fiance: Jasmine Reveals Her Plans Of ‘Making’ A Baby With Gino

Jasmine and Gino’s issues are never-ending. They have disagreed on nearly everything and cannot reach a mutual conclusion ever. But now it seems that the 90 Day Fiance couple has finally decided to take their relationship forward and extend their family. Lately, Jasmine and Gino went on a vacation to Chiriqui, Panama. It is the place where the latter initially proposed to his girlfriend. Apparently, it seems that things are getting better, and perhaps a short trip was something that they actually needed in their life. Hence, Jasmine and Gino now feel that they are ready to have a child



Recently, Jasmine and Gino’s joint account had a clip in which they were walking down a lane at night. The sky was dusky, and the ambiance was romantic as it was raining a bit. They stood close to each other, and both of them, for a change, seemed to be in a great mood. Jasmine showed the view and then claimed that she would perhaps end up ‘making’ a baby with Gino this time! 90 Day Fiance fans couldn’t believe their eyes as they again saw Pineda ‘oversharing’ her bedroom life. Moreover, viewers don’t think that Jasmine and Gino are ready to have a responsibility of a kid because of the uncertainty their relationship holds!

90 Day Fiance: Gino Achieves A Milestone In Bedroom!

Noted TLC couple Jasmine and Gino faced some severe issues in the bedroom. The former was never satisfied with her fiance’s performance, while the latter wasn’t interested in intercourse most of the time. They have often discussed their sexual problems on national television, and 90 Day FIance fans are well versed about them by now. However, it seems that step by step, things are finally falling in Jasmine’s favor. The latest episode featured them having a great time together on their vacation. They both decided to spice up their bedroom life again and tried some things that they never did before.

Jasmine revealed in the episode that it was the first time Gino actually ejaculated during intercourse. She has talked about it in the past and disclosed that usually, her beau had to go to the washroom to finish the job. However, the celeb seemed to be really happy while Gino couldn’t stop blushing in front of the camera. Within no time, Jasmine again lost track and overshared some strange stuff that she did with Gino that night. She claimed that she gave her fiance a “golden shower” and ended up peeing on his chest! This again ignited viewers’ disgust, who initially were happy for the couple’s progress!

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