Adam Busby Shares Where His Love Stands With Danielle

Adam Busby of TLC’s OutDaughtered took to Instagram in the past 24 hours to share where his love stands for his beautiful wife, Danielle. His post included a slide show that cycled through three different photos of himself and his wife. What did Adam have to say about where his love stands? Keep reading for the details.

Adam Busby Shares Where His Love Stands With Danielle
The first photo in the slide show featured Adam Busby scooping his arms around Danielle. He appeared to be scooping her up from underneath her slightly as he leaned in and planted a smooch on her cheek. Danielle had a huge smile on her face as she looked directly into the camera when the photo snapped.

The second photo looked like Adam may have lingered too long with the kiss. Coming off as more of a goofy photo, Danielle had a funny-looking expression as she looked off to the side with wide eyes as she appeared to be trying to squeeze out of his grasp.

Danielle Busby and Adam Busby - Instagram

In the third photo, Adam and Danielle Busby just stood next to each other and smiled for the camera.

Adam Busby chanted about how much he loved Danielle three times in the caption of his slideshow. He even mentioned it a fourth time in a hashtag.

Check out the slideshow he shared below:


Fans Love Their Relationship
In the comments of the slideshow, fans gushed about how precious this couple was. Many agreed they were a great couple and even better parents. As fans know, Adam and Danielle Busby take a lot of pride in putting their spouse before anyone and everyone else.

Adam acknowledges putting his wife before his daughters is controversial. He, however, believes it is key for them to work together to raise the children right. So, they do things like go on a lot of vacations and trips without their children to keep the romance alive and well.

Adam and Danielle Busby - Feature - YouTube

Here’s some of what fans had to say in the comments of the post:

  • “Beautiful couple, very good photos much love”
  • “You are amazing parents & love you together”
  • “Great pics… but that song choice??”
  • “Beautiful couple, may Jesus pour rains of blessings in your lives”

The only hint of negativity in the comments was the fact that some fans didn’t care for the song attached to the slideshow. Overall, however, fans really adored this couple and this slideshow.

OutDaughtered - Adam and Danielle Busby - Instagram

What are your thoughts on Adam’s random post about his relationship with his wife Danielle? What do you think made him post this type of tribute? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more updates on the OutDaughtered stars.

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