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All Together Now: Who Will Get Through To GH’s Charlotte Cassadine?

charlotte cassadine on general hospital.Charlotte is one stubborn GH child.

Cassadines aren’t known for their love of taking constructive criticism on General Hospital. Teenagers aren’t known for their love of taking constructive criticism…anywhere on Earth. So when you have a teenage Cassadine in Port Charles, odds are Charlotte Cassadine won’t be listening to anyone. Though she really, really should. She’s in a lot of trouble. And, a bullet wound is the least of it. Who will finally get through to the brat?

Charlotte Cassadine: Best Beloved

Once upon a time, Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) believed Papa Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) could do no wrong. But, that was before Grandpa Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) explained how that evil Anna (Finola Hughes) was a threat to both Charlotte and Valentin. Now, his opinion has become as useless as any other adult’s.

Mom With a Gun

And, goodness knows, Charlotte won’t listen to Anna. Even though she knows a little something about being brainwashed and controlled by an evil supervillain. But she also shot Charlotte for the simple crime of breaking into her room and going through her things while wearing a disguise. What a trigger-happy witch!

Professional Help

Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) has lots of field experience working with the looney tunes population of Port Charles. But everyone knows young people are just smarter. So what could someone who is old possibly have to say to Charlotte that would have any value?

Wise Woman

Charlotte does respect her grandmother, Laura (Genie Francis), especially now that her mom, Lulu, is in a coma. And Laura has fought many a battle against Victor — and always won. But, that’s the problem. Laura is an enemy of the House of Cassadine. And she’s exactly who Victor would not want Charlotte listening to.

Best Man

Anna accepted Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) offer of a place to stay while the Charlotte situation was straightened out. Sonny is the wisest man anyone knows, and the most respected. Plus, he’s married to Nina (Cynthia Watros), whom Charlotte actually does like and trust. Leave it to Sonny. Sonny will fix everything!

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