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General Hospital Spoilers: Eden McCoy Won’t Return Until February 2024 – What Personal Leave Means for Josslyn Jacks


General Hospital Spoilers: Eden McCoy Won’t Return Until February 2024 – What Personal Leave Means for Josslyn Jacks

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that a new face popped up as Josslyn Jacks in the December 18 episode along with an announcement about the temporary recast. Courtney Fulk stepped in for Eden McCoy, so many fans assumed this swap was due to a real-life tragedy.

Sadly, McCoy lost her mother to cancer in November, so she’s indeed taking a personal leave of absence to grieve the loss.

Since McCoy wasn’t featured in the preview pic for Jacklyn Zeman’s (Bobbie Spencer) tribute and Bobbie’s memorial episodes, that led to questions about when McCoy would be back on-screen.

A GH rep confirmed to SOD that Eden McCoy won’t return to the role of Josslyn Jacks until the first week of February 2024.

It’s important for McCoy to take this time off and heal as best as she can, so that obviously has to be the priority.

Of course, Courtney Fulk can keep filling in until then, but we should point out that she wasn’t featured in that Bobbie memorial service pic either.

There may be times when the show simply offers an excuse for Josslyn’s absence instead, so that’s something to keep in mind.

We should also pay attention to this troubling storyline with Adam Wright (Joshua Benard), which Josslyn has been a huge part of.

If that story takes a dangerous turn, that could also affect things for Josslyn – especially if any injuries are involved that lead to recovery and downtime.

Whatever the case, Eden McCoy is stepping away for a bit and processing everything.

On X, which was formerly known as Twitter, McCoy expressed her gratitude and announced a little social media break, too.

“Wanted to hop on & wish everyone happy holidays,” McCoy said in her post. “I think I’m gonna take some time off of Twitter, but first needed to give thanks for any of the support within the last few weeks.

Been a strange year, but I still feel very lucky. Wishing everyone reading this love and health.”

McCoy recently won a Daytime Emmy in the Outstanding Younger Performer category, so that victory was no doubt part of the “strange year” she mentioned.

It was a well-deserved honor, but it was perhaps bittersweet on the heels of McCoy’s family tragedy.

General Hospital spoilers say Josslyn Jacks has some gripping material coming up in the new year, so we’ll pass along updates as more news becomes available on her storylines.

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