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General Hospital’s Eden McCoy Confirms Yep, Evan Hofer Is Wearing What You Think He Is!!!


So, how many folks managed to make it out to California for the biggest weekend there is? That’s right, these past few days were the Fan Club Weekend and of course Eden McCoy and Evan Hofer hosted their own “Jex” event for viewers to celebrate all things Josslyn and Dex with them.

McCoy tweeted her thanks to everyone who was coming to see them saying “It makes us happy to make you happy!” But everyone who follows these two knows that they don’t just hang with the fans, but also have a blast with just the two of them, or jumping into the pink wave that is one of this summer’s greatest phenomenon: the movie.

Because these days, while we aren’t all Barbie girls, it certainly seems like we’re living in a Barbie world — including Hofer, who proudly showed off a little extra charm!

“Yes,” McCoy pointed out in her pic in which she was sporting a pink “B” necklace, “Evan is wearing a Barbie charm.”

Although, if McCoy had the “B” charm, that must make her Barbie… and Hofer Ken! In other words, when they make the inevitable sequel, we’re petitioning these two to play Soap Opera Dream Barbie and Ken. Heck, if ‘s Erica Kane got her own Barbie doll, there’s definitely room for more daytime Barbie love!

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