Did Robyn & Kody Pay Off Their Coyote Pass Shares Because Of Money Problems?

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Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown recently changed her tune about polygamy. She and Kody Brown may have paid off Coyote Pass to ease some financial woes.

Coyote Pass is a veritable battleground, where Sister Wives star Kody Brown’s patriarchal dreams have died a slow, agonizing death, and it’s possible that he and Robyn Brown paid off their shares of the property due to financial concerns. The saga of Sister Wives’ Coyote Pass is so dramatic, it should be memorialized in a country music song. While “The Ballad of Coyote Pass” might lack the emotional gravitas of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” (“But I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die”), plenty of Brown family antics could be unpacked, accompanied by mournful chords.

When Robyn entered the Sister Wives fray, she scattered the other wives in her wake, and that’s why she’s the ultimate villainess. However, Kody allowed all of that. While they aren’t exactly Bonnie and Clyde, they’re rarely likable. Their chief offense is pretending to embrace polygamy while spending all their time together, and icing Meri, Janelle and Christine Brown out. Recently, Robyn revealed that Kody taking another wife would be a sign of disrespect. The former polygamy fan Robyn’s changing, and getting real about what she wants. The pair also paid off their Coyote Pass debt, raising more questions.

Are Kody & Robyn Big Spenders?

Kody and Robyn are reportedly no strangers to money issues. In fact, Kody’s daughter Gwendlyn Brown said that Kody has a, “terrible habit of spending very crazy and like, not within their means at all,” as per Gwendlyn Brown at YouTube. While this allegation isn’t proof that financial issues inspired Kody to pay down his and Robyn’s Coyote Pass debt (perhaps to avoid paying more interest), it’s interesting to get his own child’s take on things. Since he and Robyn are a united front, it’s highly likely that he consulted her before making that choice. One intriguing wrinkle is that Meri’s the only one who hasn’t paid off her share.

Of course, anyone can say anything. Criticizing’s just too easy, and Gwendlyn may have deep-seated (yet perhaps understandable) issues that made her decide to put down her own father online. However, the plot thickens when one of Kody’s splurges is revealed. In May of this year, he splashed out cash on a luxe David Yurman pendant, reportedly valued at $1300 USD, as per Mirror. He flaunted his bling at his daughter Savanah Brown’s graduation ceremony. Since he was believed to have debts at that time, according to the same source, Gwendlyn’s claim may have some basis in reality.

Is Robyn Into Luxury Living Too?

Sister Wives' Robyn Brown dramatic montage

As for Robyn, she’s not averse to living large. Case in point is the big Flagstaff, Arizona home that she and Kody bought, valued at approximately $900,000 USD, as reported by Showbiz Cheat Sheet. A lot of not-so-elegant My Sisterwife’s Closet jewelry (such as “Eternally Together” earrings and a “Strong woman” ring set) would need to be hawked to cover that mortgage, and that sideline seems to have stalled. That leaves income from reality TV appearances and other ventures. While the couple’s net worth is a mystery that only Kody and Robyn can reveal, it’s possible that they do live beyond their means.

In the future, more tidbits about the “paying off” of Coyote Pass may emerge, shedding light on Robyn and Kody’s motivations. For now, there’s only speculation. However, where there’s smoke, there’s often fire, and a lot of chatter about the pair’s lavish lifestyle has surfaced in headlines. Coyote Pass is a symbol of intense family dysfunction. Wives jockeyed for position, trying to grab the choicest plots, and this exposed a sort of hierarchy among the females, which may have been the Brown family’s death knell. Now, Sister Wives celebs Kody and Robyn move forward as one, but scarred from the battle.

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