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Eddie Has an Important Memory Involving Lois — and Charlotte Sets Her Next Move Against Anna in Motion

Tuesday, October 31, 2023: Today on General Hospital, Tracy and Brook Lynn come to an understanding, Lucy launches a new scheme, and Cyrus looks to Carly for employment.

Eddie has a memory GH

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At the Quartermaine mansion, Leo, dressed as Einstein, is testing Lois on math equations. “Eddie” walks through, as they continue. Brook Lynn passes through too.

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Brook Lynn runs into Tracy in the foyer and lets her Granny know that she knows about the gift of Deception, and she doesn’t want it. Tracy says she thought she was happy there. Brook Lynn was until she ruined her friendships with Lucy and Maxie. Tracy points out that she’ll be the boss, and it will give her a chance to mend those friendships. Brook Lynn thinks she wouldn’t know about friendships. Tracy scoffs she may not, but she knows about family and business. Brook Lynn says she liked working at Deception, but it’s not her passion. Tracy notes passions don’t pay the bills, especially for the lifestyle she’s accustomed to. Brook Lynn thinks she’s capable of downsizing.

BLQ and Tracy bicker GH

Tracy swears she didn’t do this to hurt her friendships, and she worries about Brook Lynn and wants her to have something stable and lasting like Deception. She admits she let her disdain for Lucy color her approach, but she wanted to secure her future. Brook Lynn oddly gets her twisted thinking, but accepting this would rob her of building up her own confidence, the confidence she sees in Tracy. She asks her not to sabotage her. Tracy swears that’s the last thing she wants. Tracy says she wants to build her up, not break her down. Brook Lynn can’t blame her for thinking the way she does given this crazy family, and she just wishes for something quiet and mundane. Tracy laughs that won’t happen in this house. Tracy promises to back off, and Brook Lynn thanks her. Brook Lynn tells her about Blaze, who she plans to do amazing things with. Tracy is sure she will.

Tracy and BLQ argue GH

Back in the living room, “Eddie” checks in to see if math class is over. Leo ends up running off after beating Lois. She says that boy knows the heights of all the major buildings in the world, and she thought knowing the height of the Brooklynn Bridge was impressive. Suddenly, “Eddie” remembers being there with Lois after their wedding. She notes he seems like he saw a ghost. He asks if they were married at the bridge. She says it was at St. Ignatius, but after they went to one of the towers of the bridge. Startled, he says he has to go. Leo returns with a new game.

Leo as Albert Einstein GH

“Eddie” goes into the kitchen, plays his guitar and works on his song. Back in the living room, Lois hears him and tells Leo to pause his game timer and she’ll be back. She heads into the kitchen and tells “Eddie” that he’s still got it. She asks him to play the rest, but he says that’s all he’s written and it’s a work in progress. She doesn’t want to mess with his mojo, but he laments he’s at a creative dead end. She notes he has something there, and the fire that got him this far will see him through.

Lois compliments Eddie GH

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Kelly’s is closed for a private party, but that doesn’t stop Cyrus from entering. Carly demands he get out. He was hoping given their history she’d hear him out. He wants a job as a cook and says he’s good at it. Carly tells him that he won’t be working here. Cyrus didn’t think she’d discriminate against ex-cons. She says having a rap sheet isn’t why he won’t be working here, it’s because he’s a monster.

Cyrus wants a job GH

Cyrus claims he has changed and is here to put her mind at ease. Carly calls his reformation a joke and he is just waiting and seeking out vulnerabilities in people, and she won’t let that happen. She tells him to get out as Kelly’s is off-limits. He says she is still the same fierce woman she’s always been, but he’s changed. The man he was would have let Drew die, but he didn’t. He walks out.

Carly tosses Cyrus out GH

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Scott meets with Robert in his office about dropping a case involving his client. Diane listens in as Robert tells Scott the evidence is overwhelming and to get out. Diane enters and suggests to Scott he make a retreat while he can. Scott beats it, and Robert wonders what he owes the pleasure of her visit. She has tickets to a fundraiser for an event near and dear to her heart, animal advocacy. He says he’s in and asks for details. She tells him to get a tux, and further details will follow. Diane departs and Robert gets to his PC to search for tux rentals.

Diane robert make date GH

Lucy meets Ava at the coffee house and reveals she has someone who wants to buy Wyndemere. Ava asks who it is. Lucy explains it’s actually a holding company, which is quite common these days. Ava says she wants the full amount in an escrow, as she refuses to get involved in a drawn-out real estate mess.

Lucy has a buyer GH

Lucy says not many people are in the market for an island in upstate New York these days, nor do they offer the full amount upfront anymore. Ava says she has the means to wait for the right buyer who can, so make it happen. Ava then departs.

Ava and Wyndemere GH

Scott arrives to meet Lucy, who vents about being back in the world of real estate. She begs Scott to help her break the agreement she made with Tracy. Scott tells her even if she could nullify the contract, Tracy would just reinstate the lawsuit and take down Deception. Lucy vows, “Over my dead body!” She refuses to let Tracy take over Deception and run her company. Lucy gets an idea, if she can get even two percent back from Tracy then she is the major shareholder again.

Scott and Lucy GH

Ava brings Donna, who is dressed as a mermaid, to Kelly’s a bit early. Carly sets her to decorating a cookie given she’s the first here. Ava tells Carly it will ease her mind knowing she’s here and out of harm’s way instead of out trick-or-treating. Ava thinks Wyndemere would have been a great place for a Halloween party and reveals she’s selling it. Ava explains she has to move on, and she can’t be anchored to that place. Carly wonders who would buy it. Ava says Lucy says she found a buyer but is being vague about who it is.

Ava donna Carly Halloween GH

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Anna arrives at Valentin’s house and he invites her in. She says something smells good, and he explains Charlotte is baking and has a competition going on with Aiden. Charlotte enters the living room and asks Anna if she wants to be her guinea pig. She’s making pumpkin brownies and wants to take them to school, but wants to try them first. She explains her friends are coming over and they are going trick-or-treating. Anna thinks she should go buy candy as she just moved into Maxie’s old place. Charlotte is thrilled and congratulates Anna on having a place of her own.

Anna is a test subject GH

Charlotte serves them the brownies, and Anna and Valentin praise her baking. Anna thinks Aiden will be impressed. Suddenly the smoke alarm goes off, and Charlotte realizes her second batch is burning. Anna and Valentin take care of it.

Charlotte Brownies GH

Valentin brings Charlotte to the hospital. Charlotte can’t believe she turned on the broiler and not the oven. Valentin says it was an innocent mistake. They go in to see Kevin, and Valentin leaves them. Kevin asks if she feels comfortable talking to him, and promise what they discuss stays in this room. He only wants to help her, but he can recommend someone else. Charlotte thinks her papa is overthinking things, she missed him while she was away, but nothing terrible happened in boarding school. Kevin asks what happened at boarding school.

Kevin and Charlotte meet GH

Their session ends, and Valentin asks how things went. Kevin says Charlotte was telling him about her Halloween plans, and he’d like to see her again. Charlotte agrees, and they decide to sort out the details later. As Valentin and Charlotte take off, Kevin looks concerned. He later records his notes, saying that Charlotte is smart and evasive, and has mastered the art of letting people only see and hear what she wants them to. He says she’s anchored to her father in a relationship in which she’s determined to protect him.

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Valentin and Charlotte return home. Charlotte thinks about Victor’s letter warning her about Anna and pulls out Anna’s new apartment keys, which Anna had earlier flashed to them while sharing her news.

Charlotte Anna's Key GH

Anna drops by Robert’s office, tells him about renting Maxie’s place, and asks if he can help her move. Given that she lost everything, he wonders what they are moving.

Anna and Robert GH

Anna and Robert carry a trunk of Anna’s relics that were in storage. It’s files and journals from her early years at the WSB. She’s hoping there is a clue in it to find out who is targeting her. Anna then realizes she’s misplaced the key to the apartment. They get the super to give her a spare, and head into the apartment. Anna opens the trunk and tells Robert nobody knows this information exists.

On the next General Hospital: Carly’s party at Kelly’s begins. Cody is dressed as a cowboy and tells Sasha, who is a glamour witch, that she can cast a spell on him. Anna believes she finds what she’s looking for in her papers. Valentin finds Charlotte outside and asks what she’s doing? Joss tells Adam that he looks like he’s seen a ghost. Nina tells Sonny and Willow, who is dressed as Princess Leia, that this will be a very special Halloween. Carly confides in Michael, aka Darth Vader, that the radio silence is killing her.


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