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General Hospital: An Older Pairing IN WORKS

Victor Cassadine really opened the Pandora’s box for Anna on General Hospital. It is no secret that the mega villain hated the spy’s guts. Moreover, he could never digest the fact that his own son was sleeping with his most formidable enemy. Thus, it was totally in character for Victor to have tipped the WSB about Anna’s double agent past as a parting “gift” to her. As revealed in his will reading after his death on the ABC soap. Now, the terror that Victor’s tip unleashed is perhaps out to get Anna! A little birdie tells us that this new threat could lead Anna to seek refuge in an old lover! But who, and why? Well, keep reading to find out!

Anna Needs A Shoulder To Depend On
All hell broke loose on the ABC soap when shots got fired on unsuspecting bystanders at the Metro Court pool. Although Curtis Ashford took a bullet in the attack, Dante was confident that the bullet was actually meant for someone else. His instincts guided him to reach the conclusion that the intended target was either Sonny, or Anna. Later, the investigation uncovered that the gun used in the shootout once belonged to the WSB. Thus, conforming Dante’s doubts of Anna being the real target.

Anna was previously fired from the bureau on General Hospital due to her past connections with it’s rival, DVX. But apparently, firing her was not enough. It seems that someone from the bureau wants revenge. After the shootout at the Metro Court, Anna once again became targeted. This time, in a more personal setting. In a very unfortunate twist, her enemy set her home on fire, burning the iconic setting down to ashes! But at least Anna managed to remain safe. However, this bring forth a very “burning” realization. Anna may have survived the fire, but she clearly isn’t safe even in her own home anymore!

Anna Moves In With Ex-Husband On General Hospital
This brings us to a very plausible speculative twist in the future on Genera; Hospital. For starters, Anna’s home has become unlivable. At least until it has been repaired. Which obviously is going to take a while. So, the ex-WSB agent is going to need a place to crash. Especially one that can keep her safe from her enemies. Of course, the most obvious choice here would be for her to move in with her boyfriend, Valentin. But then again, maybe it’s not the wisest choice! Sure, he is ex-WSB himself, and also a Cassadine. Which makes him a perfect knight for Anna, right now.

But the problem is, the two did do a test run as roommates recently on General Hospital, and it did not go too well. While running away from Victor and trying to protect Lucy

, the two lived together at a safehouse. Unfortunately, they were more combustive than Anna’s house. Thus, living together again under such horrific circumstances would be a bad idea. Which ultimately leaves Anna with just one more choice. Moving in with her ex-husband, Robert! Like Valentin, he too, is ex-WSB and competent enough to help Anna stay safe.

General Hospital

However, their past as a married couple may cause some complications to this living arrangement. Surely Robert and Anna have come a long way in life and are great friends now. But, old feelings have a way of creeping back in. Especially when tension is running high! So do you think there could be a twist waiting ahead for Anna and Valentin is form of Robert? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates.

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