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General Hospital Bids Farewell to Tracy Even As We Brace For *Another* Heartbreaking Goodbye

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It looks like Jane Elliot’s latest stint on General Hospital has come to a close as, on Wednesday, November 8, Tracy bid farewell to Port Charles once again. It’s been one heck of a run since April, with Tracy meddling left and right. There was blackmail, secret lawsuits and snatching control of Deception from Lucy’s reluctant hands… to give to Brook Lynn?

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Well, if there’s one thing we know, it’s that Tracy does as Tracy wants! She is, after all, a Quartermaine, through and through!

Lucy and Tracy GH

Now, though, she’s packed her bags and is off to join Bobbie in Amsterdam to attend to Luke’s affairs. Of course, she couldn’t leave without giving Olivia a bit of advice (or was that a piece of her mind?) on snapping Ned out of his delusion and watching out for Lois!

Still, we have a feeling that it may not be too long before we’ll be seeing Elliot and Tracy once again. While Jacklyn Zeman passed away after her cancer battle back in May of this year, the show has yet to deal with her death or say goodbye to Bobbie. Instead, she’s been out of Port Charles and off in Amsterdam.

Tracy leaves town. gH

But it’s sadly not a matter of if General Hospital will say farewell to her, but when. And sending Tracy off to join Luke’s sister seems like a good way to situate the show where they can finally recognize Zeman’s death with Bobbie’s own. After all, with Luke gone, who better to someday come bearing the sad news, but Tracy?

For now, though, we’ll just say goodbye to one of the true, blue Quartermaines and we’ll be counting the days until we see her back in Port Charles once again! It may or may not end up being a sad return, depending on if she comes back bearing news about Bobbie, but one thing we are sure of is that it won’t be dull!

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