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General Hospital Comings and Goings: Marcus Tagger OUT? Real Andrews Confirms Status On The Show

General Hospital fans have been on an emotional rollercoaster, desperately missing their beloved character – Marcus Taggert, played by Réal Andrews. They have eagerly awaited his return to the show, wondering when they will see him back in action. Fans’ hopes and questions have led Andrews to make a revealing social media video addressing the situation.

With rumours and the actor himself addressing his status on the show, viewers hold onto hope that they will soon witness the return of Marcus Taggert. Could Marcus Taggert be on the edge of making a long-awaited comeback?

Where Is Marcus? Real Andrews Clears The Air

It’s been really long since Marcus Taggert graced our screens on General Hospital. Taggert has left a true mark on the show with his character, leaving fans speculating about when and how he might re-enter the show. Fans have missed his presence and wondered if he would ever make a comeback. The character’s past has added a layer of intrigue to the storyline, making his comeback highly anticipated among loyal viewers.

General Hospital
GH/ Where is Marcus Taggert?

Réal Andrews took to social media, specifically the X app, formerly known as Twitter. In a video message, he shared insights about his status on the show and the uncertainty of his return. Andrews’ candid approach to addressing his status on the show was met with appreciation from fans. He acknowledged their eagerness to see him back on screen.

In the post, Réal Andrews expressed his commitment to delivering excellence as Marcus Taggert. He likened himself to a baseball “clean-up” hitter, ready to step up to the plate and hit a home run whenever he’s called upon. Andrews’ dedication to his craft and the character of Taggert is evident in his words. He emphasised that he would be more than ready to take his role when the time is right.

General Hospital: Would He Ever Return? What Will Be The Storyline?

Andrews left fans with a sense of optimism, as he has intentionally kept his departure open-ended. He clarified that he has no control over when or why he works on the show. He focuses on being prepared and delivering a remarkable performance whenever the call comes.

The storyline surrounding Marcus Taggert took an emotional turn when Trina Robinson learned the truth about her paternity. Trina has grown closer to her biological father, Curtis Ashford. This has left fans concerned about Taggert, who has struggled with alcohol issues due to his sorrow. They hope to see Trina maintain a connection with the father who raised her rather than leaving him to suffer in silence.

GH/ Marcus and Trina

Réal Andrews reflects on his last scenes on General Hospital following Trina’s paternity revelation, expressing his satisfaction with the way he exited the show. “If that’s the last thing I ever do at General Hospital, it was a great way to go out,” he insisted. Réal Andrews’s video has clarified the status of Marcus Taggert at General Hospital. While he doesn’t have the power to dictate his return, he remains dedicated to his performance and character.

Fans eagerly await the day they’ll see Marcus Taggert back, and they hope for a storyline that will bring his character back into the spotlight. Until then, the drama in Port Charles continues. Stay tuned for more exciting stuff on General Hospital as we follow the journey of Marcus Taggert and the rest of the General Hospital cast!

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