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General Hospital Comings And Goings: The Dark Prince Rises! Adam Huss Reprises Nik!

General Hospital has the affinity towards keeping key characters on ice is no breaking news! We have seen them pull off this stunt all too many times. And honestly, despite the whole been there, done that routine, we still haven’t tired of it a bit. After all, it gives up hope of seeing some of our most loved characters on the screen again! As of recently, two of Laura Collin’s children have been on the ice. Lulu and Nikolas. Interestingly, both had been spoken of enough in the recent episodes.

In fact, Dante and Charlotte even dropped by the hospital to visit Lulu! But, it is actually Nikolas Cassadine who has finally woken up from his coma! Yup! Nik is finally back on General Hospital! The last time we saw him, Ava smashed his head with a statue and left him for the dead. But Mason whisked him off to safety. He has been in a coma at a long care facility ever since. So, his return is not really all that shocking. The fact that the makers didn’t kill him and only put him in a coma was a sure shot indication that Nik will be back. The only question was, when!

General Hospital
GH/ Nik in coma

Well, the wait is over! The August 31, 2023, episode of General Hospital gave us a sneak peek of an absolutely hail and hearty Nikolas! Now, coming to the next big question that had been doing the rounds. It is actor Adam Huss who is portraying Nikolas once again. The whole drama surrounding Nikolas’ death started when actor Marcus Coloma opted out of the role. The news reports back then suggested that Adam Huss had stepped in only to take the character to the end. Thus implying that Nik would die and Adam would exit.

However, TV Season & Spoilers previously reported that Adam Huss had been dropping hints about a possible return to the ABC soap. And as it turns out, the hints were real! In the previous General Hospital episode, Austin walked into a house and started chatting with seemingly comfortable Nikolas as if they were childhood chums! Now this is the fun part! We knew Nik would come back, but no one could have thought it would be like this!

GH/ Nik is Back!!

What is the story here? Are Nik and Austin in cahoots on General Hospital? Or has Nik lost his memory and has no recollection of what transpired between him and Ava? Because he clearly didn’t look like he was being held hostage! Well, unless, he is suffering from a serious case of Stockholm syndrome! We have to give it to GH for catching us off guard with this twist in the tale! What’s your take on this? Tell us in the comments?

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