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General Hospital: Emme Rylan FINALLY SPEAKS OUT

Time and again the internet gets buzzing about the possibility of Lulu Spencer waking up from her coma on General Hospital. Thus, also speculating Emme Rylan’s return to the ABC soap. However, until now, neither the makers, nor the actress herself had ever addressed the matter. But that has changed now. Recently, actress Emme Rylan took to her Instagram stories to finally spill the truth about whether or not she will ever return to GH as Lulu! So keep reading to find out what she has to say!

Recently, on General Hospital, Dante took Charlotte Cassadine to visit her mom, Lulu, at the hospital. There, both Dante and Charlotte expressed their love to Lulu and told her that they are waiting for her to wake up. Additionally, in a different scenario, Maxie Jones is all set to move into Lulu’s old house. Thus, we can say that there have been suddenly too many mentions of the comatose patient. And knowing how GH operates, name-dropping often leads to the return of the hinted character. Thus, the scenes yet again sparked speculations about Emme Rylan returning to reprise Lulu!

General Hospital

Emme Rylan Clarifies Her Stance About Returning To General Hospital
In the light of all the speculations, Emme decided to set the record straight. The General Hospital star stated on her Instagram stories that she has made it very clear to GH that she is always available if they ever want to wake Lulu up. She assured fans that no matter what the internet says, the above stands true. Furthermore, she stated that it is her understanding that the makers will be calling her, whenever they choose to wake Lulu up. Of course, she agreed that there is always a possibility that things might change at their end, and they may choose to recast.

General Hospital

But as of now, Emme asserted that she feels that they will call her if they want to wake Lulu up on General Hospital. Although, she also clarified that she hasn’t heard from them about the matter in recent times. Well, going by the recast trend that GH has been opting for recently, we have to admit that it is wise to remain open about the possibility that the makers may decide upon a recast. After all, Kristina and Molly’s characters have been recast several times in rapid succession. That too, without notice!

That being said, Emme Rylan finally opening up about her return surely gives us hope. Especially since she has clearly stated that she is available and willing to reprise Lulu on General Hospital. So even if the makers weren’t considering it yet, her statement might give them a nudge in that direction! If that happens, would you be looking forward to it? Lets us know in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates!

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